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TGR Light the Wick

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I saw the premier of TGRs Light the Wick last night.  IMO it was the best TGR flick I have seen in a long time.  Lots of really strong big mountain skiing and not a lot of park.  I really liked how they showed more of the logistics involved and the consequences of skiing some big first descents than they have in other films.  Of course all the new school big mountain riders do tricks on the natural features including some HUGE gap jumps over crevasses.  The film ended with sequences shot at Stevens Pass in 3D.  The 3D was unbelievable!  I have never seen 3D that was even close to seeming real.  There were a couple sequences where a skier flew over my shoulder from behind me spinning into the screen.  It was like a hologram.  Very Cool....  Very worth seeing on the big screen.  


I'm really looking forward to seeing the other TGR film Deeper when it comes to Jackson next month.  The trailers are awesome and I love the self-supported go out, set-up a base-camp, and get the goods ethic of the film.  They show the decision making process and risk management necessary to attempt the type of terrain shown.  It is true backcountry skiing and riding at the highest level.  Jeremy Jones also did a bunch of backcountry PSA shorts in support of the film that I really like.  You can check out the trailers and related content on the TGR facebook page.

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I'm looking forward to it, the trailer for it was certainly promising.

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