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Video Problems

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First.  I am not a computer knowledgable person.


When I want to watch videos the motion constantly stops, pauses for up to 15-20 sec. continues and then stops again .   Makes it almost impossible to watch.   Help Please


Iam on a Compaq laptop Presario

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Pete, did you ever hear from anyone on this?



FYI:  I work on two different computers and on the slower processor (1 ghz) any video I watch (even from the local disk) tends to start and stop a lot (one second pauses).  Watching video from over the internet causes it to stop and start with larger pauses (up to 5 and 10 second gaps).  My other system (~2.8 ghz) does fine on local video and reasonably well with internet video (minor stutters).


Best overall test is to watch the same video (for comparable resolution) in full screen read from:

1) the local disk

2) over the internet (youtube - full screen mode)


This will give you an idea as to overall performance within your computer vs. over your internet connection (which also consumes CPU to move it from the Ethernet cable to the video card). 


Realtime Antivirus scanning and Firewall elements can also take up CPU power to the point that video becomes jumpy if from the internet.   Also, laptops aren't known for good video performance if they don't advertise video as a highlight for that model.



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There are many possible causes.  Usually the video is "caching" the video stream so it can play uninterupted on your laptop/PC. Actually, "buffering" is more accurate than caching - the point being that the downloaded video needs to stay ahead of the real time video playback.  If there are issues with your bandwidth (not enough, latency, jitter, lots of lost packets, etc..), this can lead to pauses on video.  The next most common cause would be your processing power, memory, system config and overhead you are running.


Not knowing much about your setup, the first thing I would suggest is that you try to stream a video that you have a known problem playing without a pause from a different location (friends house, wifi hot spot).  If it works there, it points to your quality or speed of your internet connection. 


Also, if you are having issues with the laptop while doing wireless internet, direct connect with a cable to your modem.  In other words, take your router our of the loop to eliminate a failure point.  The easiest way to do this is to power cycle your hardware --- turn off the modem, turn off your laptop, wait 2 minutes, turn on the modem, wait 2 minutes (allowing it to fully connect to your internet provider), then turn on your laptop (which is directly connected to the the modem via an ethernet cable, or usb if you have to) and try the your video test again.


I made some assumptions on the above suggestions.  Hopefully it will be helpful.  Good luck.

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Thanks folks will try.

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