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Salt Lake City & vicinity preseason ski sales for newbs?

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If I'm a new skier in near Salt Lake City, I should (I learned on this forum) look for good boots first at a place like Level Nine Sports, right?


How about skis and bindings?  Would one of those preseason ski swap meets have anything good?  Which one would I have the best luck at?  What should I look for?


Or is there nothing good there & I should just buy new? 


Thanks in advance for your help!

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The Sports Loft has a big reputation for bootfitting and prices to match.  A good friend bought boots there last year and spent most of an afternoon getting them fit.  He is very happy with them.  I have bought my last couple of boots from Alpine Sports in Ogden.  The main bootfitter Jeff is an old friend.  Unfortunately, that does not entitle me to extra discounts.  With boots, I think the person who is helping you is critical.  You are not assured of getting the right person even if you go to a good shop.  If the person doesn't take a good look at your foot and only asks what you shoe size and just brings a couple of boots to try, chances are pretty good you have not found the right person.


I have bought a few things from Level 9 but never boots.  Also, don't have any recent experience with ski swaps.



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 The advantage of a Level Nine type of operation is that you get "new" (maybe a few seasons old) equipment at a very reasonable price.  And for a beginner, not buying the 2011 model of anything is OK.  Note well:  You can get the similar deals over the Internet.  So if, for example, Start Haus has a great deal on a Nordica ski that meets your needs, you can do your business through the mail.  Your best deals will be at the swaps, but if you don't know what you are looking for paying a bit more from a reputable shop that will give you good advice is the right thing to do. 


New skier or old, the most important thing is the boots.  If your foot is fairly normal, go to a great (not average) bootfitter and be glad you did.  I've purchased from Level Nine too, mostly for the kids, but have no experience with their boot fitting.  It could be fine, I just don't know.  Daleboot is HQed in SLC, and it is a great place to get totally custom boots that will last forever (they are component boots with interchangeable parts). They build the boot around your foot and shin, and they are indeed comfortable and fit as perfect as a boot can fit. And you can dial-in the stiffness of the forward flex as you get better at skiing, instantly add snap-in cants, etc..  Lots of great features.   But is Daleboot necessary?  It will be less expensive if you can be fit correctly into a normal boot.  I just mention Daleboot because they are local and have carved out a 40-year niche in the custom boot market.

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Yikes, unless I'm thinking of something else, level 9 is where you buy basketballs. Check Lift House on Fort Union, see Earl at Sportloft, check Sports Den on Foothill, come up to Park City and go to Jan's or Coles- all these places will have older inventory at sale prices for the next few weeks, and are expert boot fitters and you'll get that service even with the stuff on sale. You may have to shop around a bit, but one of these shops should have what you need and all of them are very good. The Romark academy ski swap in October is good, and the Park City U.S. Ski team one is good too. If the gear is not obsolete, people at swaps often overprice- see what the shops have on sale. Demo skis that aren't trashed should be available for around $350 with bindings at all of these shops.

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