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So I am looking for my new skis for the season and as being an East Coast skier I have never skied a rockered ski because we don't get all that much powder. I ski in New England and I love skiing in the glades but of course I am all over the mountain. I have always had pretty solid skis that are stiff for going fast and shredding but having such stiff skis makes skiing the glades pretty tough. I skied my friends Dynastar Big Trouble last year and I really liked them for their ease in the trees (however, he has them, therefore I cannot get them!). I have basically narrowed down my search to the Line Prophet series and the new Volkl Bridge.


Has anyone skied he new Volkl Bridge yet this year? I really like how they are softer which would be great for the trees but still want to be able to shred down the groomers. Can the new Bridge still have solid hold at fast speeds? I also like how it is rockered and that would be fun in the crud and in bumps and wet snow but does such an exaggerated rocker sacrifice the ability for the ski to perform and hold an edge? Is it still playful and have spring to it or does it just flop around?


As for the Line Prophet, that line of skis looks great. A little stiff so I didn't know if anyone has skied them in the trees and how they like them. They look like a solid ski for an east coast skier. They don't have as much rocker so I'm sure they would be great for the groomers and the steep trails with a bit of powder and crud but how would they compare in the trees?


I want a ski that is great in the trees, solid at fast speeds and able to do switch and a bit of park (not as important). I do live in New England but when I go to the mountains I just go straight to the trees and glades. I like Jay Peak and always hope for pow days, but that is pretty rare in New England.


So for the better New England tree skier which is it Line Prophet 90s or the new Volkl Bridge?