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Dalbello size markings

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I was given a pair of Dalbello Aerro 80's in the hope that they'd fit me.

I was under the impression that they were a 27 mondo. 

However, I can't find anything on the boot that has a 27 anything on them.

There's the heel saying 299mm for the sole length of course but the only other

numbers on the shell I can find is 255 on the base of the sole and 25 on the plastic insert

inside the boot. 

The only numbers on the liner are (NX 220/245) and (AR 230/255). 

Then on the side of the liner 255 102.


My deduction is that they are actually a 25.5 mondo.  Would I be correct in that?

Thanks for the help!




disclaimer: I know the best would be to go to a boot fitter and plunk down the cash, but I'm a poor single parent, that only skis a couple time per year.  Mostly on green runs following my six year old son now days.

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You are right they are a 25.  Now do a shell fit to determine if they are the correct size.



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Thanks for the reply.  I did a shell fit at it was really close to what I'm told here should be correct in both length and width.  But with the liner in my toes are hitting the front pretty painfully (enough that my big toe can't fully lay flat).  I'm not sure if a fitter could make it work or not.  Seems like it'd have a lot to move/remove.

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You are only feeling the liner, which is usually shorter than the inside of the shell, have the liner worked on then check the fit.  I have a feeling it will work. 



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did you buckle to boots and flex into them or simply slide your foot in and stand up?



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Agree with both Lou and Mike!  You should feel your toe fairly hard against the liner upon sliding your foot in the boot.  As Lou stated, buckle them up and flex forward to feel if your toe comes back away a bit.  If it still presses uncomfortably against the liner, have the liner stretched at that point of pressure, then try again.  If the shell fit is right, the other adjustments are a piece of cake.


You are echoing very common comments we have all heard many many times, and trust us, this is where too many skiers make the mistake of choosing a boot that is too large because the "salesperson" simply doesn't know or doesn't want to argue with the customer and selects a larger and sometimes larger boot, until you put it on and say aaahhhh!  I will take it!

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Thanks for all the time and advice.  It truely is appreciated.


I think I'm going to just scrap these boots and try to think of something else.  I'm really too gunshy to take a boot bought elsewhere to a fitter anymore. 

I took a pair to a bootfitter last year and even after hearing rave reviews about him here, was treated to

some of the worst treatment I've ever seen.  Maybe I am boot stupid and too poor for "proper skiing gear" but

I do know I'm not  paying to be treated like that again.  I just want to ski pain free with my 6 year old son.



Anyway, I'm sure none of you that have taken the time off season to help would be like that.  A true shame I don't live closer to you.

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