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Has anyone else skied the OGRE BY ODYSSEY SKIS

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Ogres 020.JPGWith so many skis out there to buy its always intresting to hear someone elses thoughts on the ski you just bought . Ogre by Odyessey skis a very small ski manufacture ( guy in his garage) ski photos 030.JPG has been treating me well with tree skiing in the PNW . After a year of skiing on them I have no complaints on the construction or duribility of the ski . I think  they are although a quiver ski for the pow pow . There seems to be enough side cut on this huge fat board to get me down the groomers to the chair if need be.


Has anyone done a demo or bought a pair of these skis ?

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Hey, this is easy. Since this thread is pretty much a clone of one of the others - I'll just clone my question...cut...paste...



Originally Posted by spindrift View Post


I think it is great to pitch a ski you like. I also think you should be able to discuss and defend it in an informed manner. If you, motorhome,  are going to throw out blanket assertions, it pays to be able to defend them.


At Stevens Pass, you routinely see skis that


a) are wider than 115 and even 130mm underfoot

b) incorporate some form of rocker or reverse camber

c) are designed with early taper


So, what exactly is it that would distinguish the skis you mention in a pack that includes skis demonstrating the kind of powder skiing innovations found in the design of K2 Pontoons, K2 Hell Bents,  Praxis Powders, Praxis ProTests, Armada ARGs, Armada JJs, DPS Lotus 138s, Line EP Pros, Atomic Bent Chetlers, Volkl Kuros, Volkl Chopsticks, Elan Boomerangs - and skis like Rossi S7s, DPS Wailer 112RPs, K2 ObSetheds, an assortment of ON3P skis, several 4FRNTs, etc., etc., etc...


Note that the Pontoons are going on their 5th season.


I looked at the Odyssey site and given what was there, really saw little to distinguish the Ogres from other older school fat skis. Do you have info not available on the site? If so, care to share?


I'm not knocking Odyssey or the Odyssey crew. But unless there is something non-obvious going on, I don't understand what you are pitching.


Oh yeah. Of course his website link in his profile seems to be spam for his VRBO entry which there seems to have been a thread pitching too 

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If you care to write a review of your experiences with Odyssey, please do so in the review section. 

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this makes this easy, since you are simply cluttering up the forum with troll posts, I promise to never try your skis. 

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After seeing what was out there ( last season)  I had never from the list you mentioned found a ski that was a 204 a bit long for me  but doable with the deminsions of  210X200X136X165X167 thats a bottom surface area of 3309(cm2) Thats a fat powder board ! . If that wasnt enough to set it apart from the list you mentioned then what was I  thinking ? Yeah there isnt the reverse camber but I didnt find I needed it .   But really I more interested to hear from someone else that has ridden these boards and what they thought of them   espically compared to any reverse camber ski .  

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Hey guys (and I know if SkiDude is reading this I'll get attacked for being up on my moral high horse - but what's the harm in advocating being nice to people?)  I think you're all being a bit harsh on this guy.  Maybe he's not a troll and not trying to "pitch" those skis, but just a guy who lives in a motorhome at the base of a mountain during ski season and skis a lot who's excited about these skis that he buys from the guy who makes them.


Sounds like a hard core skier to me and he's really getting the jong treatment here.


Just sayin maybe he should be given a chance here on epic, rather then trying to chase him away?

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