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Old ski collection!

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Looking for any old ski collectors.


I have access to hundreds of old skis that soon will be "trashed"! Most in the + 200 cm. range!


If you want a specific model,,,PM me your request! I visit this "treasure cave" every week for those rare 4 edged Hexcel's Blue Ice skis, the Head 360's and the Kastle "Red Devils" (only 200 made)!


All I ask is you pay postage ( $30)!




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Vistman, I would be looking for any old ski with a VIST plate and bindings. In fact, just send me that and keep the ski

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PM sent

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Miller Softs?  Wolf Cold Smokes? 

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Rossignol Allais - from the 50s, maybe 60s (I think), metal topped (aluminum?) pref 190-195 cm

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early to mid '70s VR 17s


Look N17 in red


Miller Softs




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Skis still available?

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I would love to have a pair of Head Standards.

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Originally Posted by Posaune View Post

I would love to have a pair of Head Standards.

Thats exactly what I was aiming for.

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I passed up on a pair of Standards last fall at a ski swap.  They were offered for $10 and were complete with period bindings and in decent shape.  I thought they would look great on the wall in my cabin, but the line was incredibly long for the check out and I, stupidly, passed on picking them up.  I've been kicking myself ever since.

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