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Flexon parts question

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Getting back into Alpine skiing after a 40 year layoff. My last boots had laces. I got some Flexon Comp Bumble Bee's in great condition. The fit for my skinny, low volume feet is near perfect with molded Intuition (Scarpa) Power Wraps added.


So, I picked up a nice pair of Flexon 9.1's for parts. The buckle wires measure the same size as my Bee's.


1- How do I remove the top two buckle wires? Looks like they pull through the slot but which way and whats the process?

2- Will the lowest buckle cable interchange on the two boots? 

3- How do you remove them. The lower buckle wires that is. I know how to take the boots off.


I realize I could drop $500+ at a shop for boots and fitting but that's why I left in the first place and what fun would that be? I know my way around tools. Rebuilt a 1976 Wheel Horse.Snow blower combo ( Yes, I'm stuck in a time warp I guess) and experience has taught me that if it's doesn't come apart easily, stop and ask questions.




PS - I'm probably underplaying my ski knowledge base as I've fitted some Scarpa Lasers for AT and have mounted my own bindings (Comforts and Sally's) so I'll get what your saying.

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First, go here. 

Pull the liner and push the bales through. They seat in a slot and should come out easily. I've never replaced a lower one, but it looks like a screwdriver is involved. With the liner out, just poke around inside the shell and you'll figure it out. Full tilt is great for parts.

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Thanks for the reply. Now that I know the upper wires pull out, I'll fiddle some more. I had already been to the Full Tilt site hoping to find instructions. I know I could get parts from Full Tilt but with the used boots I got $120 of parts for $15.

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For the top two cables it's easiest to remove the upper cuff first by popping the ankle hinge screws.  Then it will be real obvious how those cables pop out.


The lower cable is a different matter entirely.  Although it looks to be anchored by a large plastic screw in actuality it is not a screw - it's more of a cap.  You might have some luck with a very large flat head screwdriver used to spin that "screw" cap 90*, but I've only had success using that method about 1 in 10 times.  I have usually had to resort to yanking the lower cable out or prying off the "screw" cap first.


Regarding being able to swap out the parts - if all the boots and parts involved are from the Flexon era then you won't run into any problems.  However, if you try to use the Full Tilt cables you'll have to drill out the rivets on the Flexons.  Full Tilt boots now use T-nuts and screws instead of rivets to anchor all parts of the boots.  This is great on the Full Tilt boots since it makes swapping parts much easier, but it does make it problematic to try to use Full Tilt parts on Flexon shells.  I did do this last season and it was a royal PITA.  Of course that's not stopping me from doing it for another set of shells again for this season.

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