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Where's this? (bet you can't work it out without 'cheating' ;)

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Without cheating (as in peeking at the URL) how long does it take you to guess where these photos were taken? (There are 2 different locations but both in the same country.):

Location 1
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6

This one may give it away for location 1 ... perhaps not:
Photo 7

Location 2
Photo 1
Photo 2

If you haven't guessed what country these have gotta be a giveaway:
Photo 3
Photo 4

And a wee apres ski drink :D

And here are the full details with descriptions

So, how long did it take you you guess where it was? Be honest now and how surprised were you when you realised what country it is? :D

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Jamesj yes quite right they were taken in Feb 2010 during the last awesome season (although it has to be said snow depths in the west, where these photos were taken, were nearer to normal than in the east). Fredrik Schenholm was visiting with a party that included Hagloffs sponsored pro telemarker Per Jonsson (he's in many of the photos) ... they seemed to rather enjoy themselves!

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Roga, had you not linked the pictures urls...would have taken lot more. As it is...I started to suspect about Scotland the instant I read Pic 1 url.. didn't read your caveat, so I spoiled it all. It's almost automati to check the url for me. Sorry.

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Nobody, you've given it away now


LOL, shame the URL is so obvious but easily done.


Cool pics eh?

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Ooops, it's so obvious I was completely worn out yesterday...

Sorry again!

The pictures are extra cool!!!!!

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No worries Nobody, the comments were tongue in cheek


BTW, one of the photos is on the cover of the October issue of Fall-Line Skiing magazine, there's a nice 8 page photo feature inside too

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Edit: wrong biggrin.gif.

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Originally Posted by roga View Post

So, how long did it take you you guess where it was? Be honest now and how surprised were you when you realised what country it is? " class="bbcode_smiley" height="" src="/img/vbsmilies/smilies//biggrin.gif" title="biggrin.gif" width="" />

Oct 26, 2010:


Hi Roga:


I cheated and I was completely surprised when I found out it was a ski resort in Scotland.  From the pictures, I was guessing Alberta or British Columbia.  Thanks for sharing.


Think snow,



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Glad you liked the photos CharlieP, I love skiing in Scotland and it can amaze sometimes - I like the fact you initially thought it was Alberta or BC have to admit it's not always like that though lol!


Believe it or not there are some people in the UK, a few who are right on the dootrstep of the moutains, who never ski there and find it hard to admit anything good about it. It can be tough sometimes (bit like some of the East Coast ski areas in the US I guess) but we also get amazing sliding, it's not all that rare for example to get some great powder days on the west coast in March and early April and late season skiing is often great, some of the best spring snow I've ever skied on. As for the attitude of some in the UK I also think there's often an unhealthy dose of old fashioned British snobbery, rather go to Alps old bean, coupled with the fact most Brits who slide aren't skiers (or boarders) they go for an annual winter holiday and happen to ski (or board). One of the refreshing things about a board like this is people are into a lot more than discussing package holidays and exchange rates.


Anyway, less blether as we say in Scotland (meaning less talk), here's a couple of short films that were recently shown at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival, both about steep skiing in Scotland in early summer - hope you like them:



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Hi Roga,I love skiing in Scotland youre right you can have epic days and great conditions.One of my best weekends Ive ever had skiing was at Glencoe the week end when the Zeebrugge ferry capsized and the weather was really bad but the snow was awesome and we stayed in a camping barn in Glencoe,happy days.I reckon this year if we have another good season the place will see alot more people getting out of the back of some of the resorts.A good site to check out ishttp://www.haggistrap.co.uk/ 

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 this is some more top Scotish skiing in MAYhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qi7UUVcdEREdsd i  i this is 

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Oct 29, 2010


Hi Roga:


Thanks for sharing again.  Really awesome skiing and terrain.  Skiing like how it was meant to be.  At one with the mountain.


You know, you can't take the reception you get here on Epic Ski as the norm.  Most people are on this forum because they are die hard skiers and passionate about skiing.  Who else would still be discussing ski related issues on 90 degree (F) dog days of August?  Don't be so hard on your fellow country men/women.  I know what you mean.  To each his/her own. My wife is a "beach" bum and rarely goes skiing with me. I'm just grateful that she is understanding about my skiing.


Hope you enjoy an Epic season this year.  We've had the best season in the 30+ years I've been skiing during the past 2009-2010 ski season.  Hope that we get "snow" as abundant as it was last year in the Mid-Atlantic region, though I'm not holding my breath .


Think snow,



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nicehead123, yeah Glencoe is one of my favourite Scottish ski areas and Haggis Trap is a great website, Doug, the guy who runs it, does some pretty epic stuff. The best site for general discussion and information about the Scottish scene though is Winterhighland IMHO.

CharlieP, pleasure to share this stuff - it's always amazing how many people don't realise there's any skiing at all in Scotland so getting the word out is always good. Conditions can be dreadful and the snow sometimes comes and goes (maritime climate) but when conditions are awesome that just means you really appreciate it and make the best of it whilst it's there!

I know what you mean about not taking the reception here as the norm and yes, I shouldn't be too hard on my fellow country men/women - there are some really keen skiers and boarders in the UK. I have noticed quite a few disparaging comments on here aboout Brit skiers in the Alps and I have to agree with some of them, although I've observed exactly the same thing with people from places like the Netherlands and, for that matter, people from the flatter parts of France (Parisians etc.) so it's not unique to the English (or some Scots/Welsh). What I love about the Scottish mountain scene though is it's full of genuine enthusisiasts (bit like this site) rather than people looking for package holiday deals who'll run to their luxury hotels the minute there's a bit of wind or the hint of a whiteout - there are two parts of the world where I've seen serious numbers of people braving the elements to get up the lifts and ski when there's been wind, heavy snow and whiteouts (freshies, lol); Scotland and NA!


Like you my other half isn't really a skier although she's happy enough pottering about on the slopes, I have 2 kids who love it though so she's outnumbered lol!

Anyway, I hope you have another epic season this year too, like you we had the best conditions for many years last season, in fact some old timers told me they reckoned it was the best for at least half a century but like you I'm not holding my breath (I'm crossing my fingers and toes though lol).

Yeah, think snow, always think snow ...

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