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Looking for a car....

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This might be a crazy idea, but it's probably worth a try.

About a month ago my trusty Subie (an '06 Legacy Special Edition) was totaled...


BAM subie totaled


Well technically I was rear-ended by a drunk uninsured driver going about 100mph...

Moral of the story is now I have a fat check from my insurance but no car.


So I'm looking for a car. After a month of searching Craigslist and really finding nothing, I figured I would check to see if there were any bears out there who might be selling a car that I would be interested in buying.


Honestly I only have 4 requirements.

  1. All Wheel Drive - I live in Truckee, California (20 minutes from Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows, Northstar at Tahoe, Sugar Bowl, Mount Rose, the list goes on) so it snows here... a lot. Gotta be able to do those 4 wheel burnouts when it gets icy...
  2. Decent Gas Mileage - Like over 20. I'm not talking like gay-prius-status but lets be reasonable... I'm a starving college student who commutes back and forth from Reno, Nevada which is 40 miles away. I pay for everything myself. Got the idea?
  3. Reliable - Shit can't be breaking on me in the middle of snowstorms and if it does it better be cheap to fix. Low mileage is a good start... Audi's and BMW's are not.
  4. Nice - Yup, nice. I don't want a car that feels cheap. My totaled car's interior was more than nice. It was classy. I'll make it easy to understand with an example. Just pretend you are a girl getting into my car. The second words out of your mouth should be, "whoa nice car", right after, "so you are taking me to your place right?"    


There are things I WANT in my next car (manual transmission, wagon, turbo) but at this point winter is coming. I need a car. 

(on a side note if you have a white, low-mileage, 2005-2007, manual, subaru wrx wagon, you may be my new best friend)


I would be perfectly willing to travel far and wide to pick up the right car, at the right price. 


So let me know what you have. Photos are good. Subaru's are good. I'm open to suggestions.



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Audi's and BMW's aren't reliable?  Hmmm...

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Unfortunately, the Used Car Factory is closed right now. 


Your 06 generation Subies was one of my favorite generation cars of all time. I still miss my 06 Leg SW. Stick/wagon/turbo and assuming AWD limits your choices. I settled for 3 of the 4 with my Jetta TDI Wagen, it has the space that my Legacy had, about 65cu ft., 6 speed manual a turbo with the diesel and gets me over 41 MPG traveling from Reno to Truckee every day. I have a set of 4 snows ready to go for the winter months. Turbo Legacy wagons GT and XT's will bearly get you over 20mpg. A WRX wagon will just get over that, Turbos can be thirsty. Drop the Turbo from your list and you should be able to find yourself an good Subie. Craigslist, Autotrader and are your friends. Sadly, you are looking for a (in demand) used car when the used car market has been at its strongest. When we looked for my son last year, we ended up with a new Impreza wasn't that much more expensive than a used one. 


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@ u.p. racer - you obviously haven't owned either. its just about impossible to find a mechanic who wants to replace a timing-belt on an audi. or a cylinder head on a bmw.


@phil - the used car factory is seriously shut down right now. every car I find is sold 30 minutes after I inquire about it... and I can't even find a TDI jetta. trust me I've been looking. 

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Originally Posted by U.P. Racer View Post

Audi's and BMW's aren't reliable?  Hmmm...

I think he was suggesting that they are not cheap to get repaired.


Personally, I recommend getting an older model Subie. I bought a '91 Loyale for $900 last spring, with front wheel drive and push button, on the stick, four wheel drive. I've driven in over ten inches of snow with it, and drove over two thousand miles on my summer vacation, getting around 29 mpg. I had to replace the alternator and mass airflow sensor, but that only brought the cost up to $1200, and she's ready for her first full ski season (with me that is).


This has become a common pattern where I ski, among the die-hard daily skiers at Snowbowl (the road eats cars), buy a cheap Bowl runner, and park the truck.

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Originally Posted by thesoggycow View Post

@ u.p. racer - you obviously haven't owned either. its just about impossible to find a mechanic who wants to replace a timing-belt on an audi. or a cylinder head on a bmw.



Actually, I've never owned a BMW, but have had a couple Audi's and in addition to that, I'm now on my second Porsche.  I have found German cars to be virtually bulletproof.  My first Porsche was a '87 944....  When I got it, it had 70,000 miles on it.  I sold it to my buddy 6 years later with 138,000 miles on it.  During the time I owned it, I put 4 tires on it, and changed the oil.  Literally, that is all.


Ironically, my Mom's Forester has had numerous repairs since she got it, and my wife's Legacy is in the shop right now!

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