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Help in picking out bindings?

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    Over the summer, I bought a sweet new pair of skis, Armada ARV's to be exact. Since I got a new pair of skis, obviously I had to get some bindings to top them off. So I went to some stores and they recommended a 110mm binding i.e. marker jesters...and some other markers.


I'm 5'11" and weigh about 185.

I would say I'm an advanced skiier who loves to do both all mountain skiing and breezin through parks. (probably half and half).


Do you guys have any suggestions on what bindings to get for my ARVs?


Armada ARV 175 cm  (125/92/114)


Any suggestions and/or comments regarding bindings would be greatly appreciated.




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You would probably be better with a 90mm brake. They are generally a touch wider than they suggest. 


There a alot of bindings that would work.


The jester is a decent binding, but you can probably do better for what you would pay for jesters. I would stay away from any markers that are now the newer royal family series.


I really like the Head/Tyrolia Mojo/Peak 15. It's burly and durable, cheap, wide din range, ect. level 9 sports recently had them selling for a great price.


Almost anything in the 12-15 din models would be suitable. Look PX12/14 are also decent, and again cheaper than jesters.

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So these bindings would work for my situation of park and all mt. both right? Do you know if they would lean towards one or the other?

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Yes- they would be fine for both.

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I'm pretty sure you'll need to be into the 110mm brakes on those skis.  Remember, ifyour setting your skis up traditionally, the ski is actually wider than the waist measurement where the brakes would actaully apply.  I put Marker Griffon 110s on my p90s as the 90mm wouldn't clear the ski width cleanly at the traditional mounting point

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So, sorry to sound like a noob but, what would the brake size do. Like does it matter if its too large? i.e. 110mm. I know it can't be too small... but does it being larger affect anything? Also, can you define din range? I have some knowledge of it being like the adjustable-ness or something...


And I'm diggin the PX 12's but this fellow is saying that maybe I should get a 110mm?

For the PX12's also, which one would be ideal? There are maybe 5 different versions.


If I were to get a 110mm brake do you have any other suggestions?







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I don't know a thing about bindings or the technicalities.


Been using Tyrolia bindings for more than 30 years & never had a lick of problems with them.


I actually feel safer on them because of their release system.

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OP:   The DIN setting is the release tension.  Usually using your weight, hieght, boot sole size, and skiing ability sets your din within a few point range.  The higher the number, the less the ski will tend to release on a fall.


As far as the brake size is concerned, as long as you have a litlte bit of clearence between the ski and the brakes, you're fine.  If you're on a 92mm waist ski, then you'll probably need 100mm to clear the rear binding mounting point width.   Too wide wont hurt you too much, unless you're putting a 110mm brake on a 72mm ski, which in most cases the mounting plate woulnt fit anyway.


As far as the px12s (I assume you're talking about dynastar..), I have no experience with them.   I've only skied Marker and Solomon.   I think I had a set of Tyrolias on an old set of Rossi's, but that was way before I had any in depth knowledge of skiing.  They are still a popular brand though.   I'm just a marker guy.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm just a ski brand whore, but if it works, and works well, it's worth the money and why change.

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    So if I were going to pick out the marker's, then which binding should I use of the marker brand?

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Tyrolia Peak/Head Mojo Bindings come with a 93 or 97 mm brake.  That would be perfect width for those skis.

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If you're looking at Markers the Jesters or Griffons. Griffon is lighter, cheaper, has a 12DIN spring and more plastic/less metal than the Jester, but in other respects has the same saftey mechanisms. You don't NEED a 14-15 DIN binding, but the extra $$s buy you slightly better materials.


In terms of width, you may think a 110mm brake sticks out a bit wide over a 92mm waisted ski but its really not a biggie - unless you're railing it hard and catching the wide arms on the park features. In the latter case you'll probably twist the arms into a mess sooner or later, no matter what brakes you use. Park rats are like that.


On the other hand, a brake sold as 90-ish will likely fit over the ARVs, and if the plastic ends of the brake arms chafe then give them a solid yank to widen them a couple of mms, or just wait until your ski edges have shaved off the excess.

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+1 ^.    I went with the giffons only because they are a little bit cheaper, and get great reviews.  Jesters are just as good, and maybe a little bit better, but I'm not dropping off cliffs and doing par stuff, so the extra metal materials used in them wasn't a concern.  I actually prefered a lighter setup for my p90s, even though my sharks weigh 800lbs.

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So would you recommend markers or Jesters? Would I ever need the higher DIN settings of the Jesters? And is the weight difference noticeable at all?

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You mean Griffons or Jesters, right? (they're made by Marker)....


I dunno, toss a coin. Or just buy the Griffons already and save a few bucks for a lift ticket.

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Originally Posted by aguo5520 View Post

So, sorry to sound like a noob but, what would the brake size do. Like does it matter if its too large? i.e. 110mm. I know it can't be too small... but does it being larger affect anything?

Yes.  If it's too large, the brake can drag when on edge, and catch on things.  Plus, it won't be able to hold your skis together on your shoulder and you'll look like a dork.


If the brake is too snug by a few mm, the shop will usually just tweak the brake arms out a smidge to get them to clear.  No biggie.  In my experience, you typically have 2-4mm leeway from the nominal brake width.


Another vote for 12 or higher max DIN Tyrolias/Heads/Fischers with a 93mm brake.

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