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Chamonix day trip from Geneva

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I am spending a couple of days in Geneva, this February, on my way to a week in Zermatt, and I am wondering if it is feasible/reasonable to make a day trip out to Chamonix.  I have read some things about transfers from the airport, buses, or possibly trains out there, and was looking for advice on which would be the best way to go, how much it would cost, and how long it would take.


Any info/advice would be appreciated!




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I've taken the Alpybus out and gotten a day in. It's hit or miss, sometimes they make lots of stops, sometimes not.


The train isn't feasible, it takes like all week to get there.


There are closer areas to Geneva, too.

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I've done it before driving my own car from Geneva. I think that unless you hook up with a ski group that promises to get you there, renting a car is the way to go. Since I lived in Europe at the time, I didn't need to rent, but I think that's the way to do it.

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I agree with iWill. Driving to Chamonix from Geneva beats taking the train. However I've had good luck with the airport transfer services which pick you up at the airport, along with others and take you to your destination in Chamonix. Here's a few companies to contact.


Chamonix Valley Transfers is a booking agent that works with a number of different transfer providers. They can help you find pricing and schedules to fit your needs. http://chamonix-valley-transfers.com.


Mountain Drop-Offs. http://www.mountaindropoffs.com. Phone is 00 33 450 47 17 73.


Chamonix Shuttles http://www.chamonixshuttles.com The phone number is 0033 680 90 75 06.


Transfer 2theAlps http://www.transfer2thealps.com phone is 00 33 608 52 64 26.


Cham Express is run by The Skier's Lodge in Les Houches.  http://chamexpress.com. Phone number: 0033 450 54 73 72.


ACT, Andy Cleaver Transport http://www.act-chamonix.com. Phone is 00 33 450 34 40 87.


Finally, here's the transportation page from Chamonix.net http://www.chamonix.net/english/transport/index.htm


Good luck with it. I envy you.

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Thanks so much guys.  I'll look into those options and hopefully get my day in out there!

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You should hit up the Grande Montets.

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