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ASC Innovation?

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I was browsing looking for some information about some equipment and came across this. http://www.ipcc.com/skiernews/SKIERN...TIONAL.htm#ASC
Since we were talking about teaching "systems" and programs this sounded very interesting. I know from a person working for ASC that they too have their problems and I think Perfect Turn also is a PSIA listed school.
This is a very interesting concept as it includes fittings, adjustments and other parts that we keep talking about to make the experience better for beginners. Something I have been wondering why all schools have not done yet.
There are a lot of rental/lift/lessons for beginners but they still lack instruction and understanding of equipment/alignment/fit that we are all finding out is so very important.
I think perhaps this is the same instruction

edit: Ajax not AlexS sorry.

(haven't heard from him lately on this forum) went through with his experience as a snowboard to skier conversion at Kirkwood (also a perfect turn program but not ASC if I remember correctly)

Thoughts?<FONT size="1">

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Well, since I am a "child" of the Perfect Turn" program, I should probably answer this. About 90% of my onstruction has been from ASC Perfect Turn ski schools.
First, let me say that in terms of equipment fitting, it is not always practical for them to live up to their ideals. There is some guidance about choosing boot size and ski length, but when a gazillion people are approaching the rental counter, personalized instruction is not always feasible.
Also, the first year I took lessons, the quality of instruction from resort varied greatly,so a level 1 in one resort would not in fact prepare you for a level 2 in another. For awhile, in the east, Sunday River surpassed evryone. However, I've noticed this year, that there are superb instructors at all the resorts.
What is really nice about the program is that you can take it at your own pace. Having come into skiing with a fear of heights, the idea of riding the chair lift the first day I skied was not a pleasant one. So I was able to take level 1 twice, at no extra charge.
Two years later, I can see both the good and the short comings of this system. The positive approach is a plus, and, at least in the east, many ofthe instructors are congenial, fascinating people.
The problem, I think it encourages a bit too much confidence. People think that they are excellent skiers by the time they get to level3, and very few go on to 4 and above. As a result, you often seesome pretty bad skiing at some of the resorts, with people skiing trails that they have no business being on.

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Quick question Lisamarie
Did you go through the beginners program that they are talking about or maybe a precursor to the one in this article. I didn't see a date on the article but I wonder if the "beginners centers" they are talking about are new.
Lyle at the canyons that you have heard all my praise for is part of the perfect turn program. I don't know about the beginner program since I have not even been near one. I would be interested to hear if anyone tried one this year.<FONT size="1">

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How come they could talk about all that and never knock one fo the different "systems" out there? (only once, the big toe reference).

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Not little toe? (oops your's is probably a little tender still)
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As far as i Know it was the 3 lesson/lift/rental package, complete with introductory film {that showed Johnny Mosley, don't know if that was good for scared people}.

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What did they show Moseley doing? bumps? Was that supposed to be inspirational and did it work?
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To be honest, I can't remember. All I know was that it was pretty scary. I can't really say it was inspirational.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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"Hi, I'm Johnney Mosely and today, we're going to get to THE TOP OF THE HILL"!!!! (blast of music and people skiing in a ballistic manner, real rev-up stuff).

Sorry, they did a spoof of this on film at our end of year party, and it was just brilliant. ("Hi, I'm Johnney Mosely, and today, I learned THIS" -jumps into wedge position-). Well we thought it was funny.

I think this is the ASC beginning adults thing they run out of buildings called Discovery Centres. It's for never-evers, and you are in a group that is sat down and shown a video, fitted up for boots (brought on a little trolley) and then skis, and you see the Mosely film at some point in a theatrette (they have one for boarding, too). Then you get to go out on the snow!

It's a nice idea, to break adults into the whole scene carefully. They call the groups "pods", by the way. It was the only thing I never taught, although I did do some adult never-evers as privates.

Then you could buy 2 more lessons from the never-ever thing, levels 2 and 3. The whole idea is pretty good, imho.

We didn't do that for the kids, they just lined up at the sign with their gear (which often didn't fit) and we'd launch straight into the ski description and then boot games in the snow.<FONT size="1">

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Oh man!! If my stepson had heard the word "pods" he would have been running back to Boca Raton to his mama!!! We were staying at some remote horse farm in New Hamphshire. Not a strip mall in sight! Floridians have a very hard time with this.
Being a major science fiction fan, he kept thinking we were going to be abducted by aliens. Then, when we took the drive to Mount Snow, with its rolling hills, he was not a happy camper. But if he had heard the word "pods", I don't know.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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