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thread form on mounting screws

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First time in the tuning and maintenace section so be kind. for quite a few years now I have been waxing and tuning the families skis and boards. I've now developed a bit of an interest in mounting bindings. Nothing to hairy at this stage as I plan on using railflex 2 base plates on as many of our skis as possible.(we travel OS to ski)

I have read the various posts here and on other sites and have have done a successful dummy run on some timber blanks.

The kids skis won't be a problem as they don't have any metal but mine do (Volkl Mantras) so my question relates to the tapping of the holes.

What thread form is used for binding screws?


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Found the info at Tognar website.   #12AB

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Aka M5.5 in metric speak.

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