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A very basic question

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Not extremely technical but here goes - how do you stay in control in the lift lines, especially when there is a slight grade?

When there is a slight incline, or actually a decline, and when the line gets rutted and icy it's very hard for me to keep from running into the person in front of me. Looking around at other skiers, most of them seem to have their skis parallel, have placed their poles gently in front of them, and are leisurely talking to a companion. Whereas I have to have my skis in an extreme "V", do a straight-arm lean on my poles (which are planted firmly in the snow) and generally look like a big spaz just to keep in control. Why doesn't everyone else slip and slide? Is there a certain way to stand on skis that keeps you from sliding around?
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i rest my armpits on my poles in front of me... that usually works...
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To be honest, I don't know of a technique. You'll probably find a way that works for you as you gain experience. (you're transitioning from snowboarding, right?)

Here are some ideas (although I'm not entirely certain how I keep from moving)

-You might try angling your skis (so that you are not pointing straight downslope). This may allow you to set your edge a little bit.

-You might try keeping the handle of your pole at about hip level and putting pressure on the top with the heel of your hand, or even with your hips themselves.

-Wax your skis with molasses?

I guess my best advice would be to continue paying attention to the people around you.<FONT size="1">

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I was not aware of these difficulties while I was renting skis. Once I get my own pair that was properly waxed - I became immediately and awkwardly aware of the grade in the lift line - huge difference! I saw people walking on rentals uphill 5-7 degrees on parallel skis without poles or edges... So I think you really have two questions - about people around you and how to keep them steady when they do slide... So far I didn't come up with anything better than poles use and braking wedge...
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Actually, that may be the simplest and most logical explanation. Now that I think about it, on the day I had the most difficulty I had just waxed the Olins the night before. Thanks.
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Standing in line Ajax,
Some hint's from a person that used to ski without poles.. It's not easy. Just waxed skis just make it worse. A lot of the time I had to borrow a friends pole to navigate the lines so it's not just you. A lot of the better skiers (now my self included) may look like we are effortlessly standing there but it comes from lots of practice. setting just the right edge and the poles at just the right angle can look real relaxed but I suspect you would find that there is quite a bit of pressure on the poles. It just looks easy just like an expert bump skier makes the VW sized bumps look easy.
Keep at it. and don't not wax your skis just for the lines. That will make your skiing harder.
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