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Sorry that it had taken me so long to return to this conversation.

I have a specific reply to this idea
Originally posted by Arcmeister:
I endorse teachers expanding their knowledge of learning styles, preferences, behaviors, etc.

However I'd caution in how that knowledge is applied. It is an important obligation that we use our knowledge of learning to expand our students learning potential, not to pigeon-hole and stunt it.
Arc - I agree with you AND I want to clarify: I did specifically WARN that pigeonholing learners is a potential hazard. To that end, I always like to think of myself as having a Toolbox . I want to fill my toolbox with everything that will help me effectively teach people.

Let me try an analogy.

As Ski Instructors we use THEORY to teach skiers. We call it Movement Analysis. It's the ability to watch someone ski and recognize the "cause" for the "reaction" we witness. If I see snow spraying from the tails of a ski I know that skidding is happening. Skidding can occur when the tails are weighted. I look at the skier's stance and see that the skier is in the backseat. I then recognize that this skier is bending at the waist and closing their hip. I give the skier an exercise to work on skiing with an open hip.

It's the same with Learning Styles. I am talking to a skier who says "I just CAN'T get this... I stink at skiing." I also notice that this skier is very literal and constantly asking me to explain exactly what they need to do to ski "correctly". I can recognize that this learner is very self-critical and sees things in terms of "black or white" (right or wrong). These are both "sequential" learning behaviors. I know that sequential learners often have a low tolerance for "distraction" when learning. Therefore, it's best to give personal, step-by-step instructions to this learner and then check in with them to see what they "think" about the skiing. (Sequentials "think" and Randoms "feel")

So, I return to your statement, Arc. And, I reiterate that I do agree with you. There is no one TOOL that will make us successful Instructors.

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