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I am curious if anyone knows the difference between the 2004 Versions of the Rossi 9X Oversize and the RPM 100. The comparison of the key technical features for each model is identical in the new Rossi catalog. I suspect there are differences other than cosmetic but it is unclear in the catalog and the reps in the Rossi test center didn’t know either and they hadn’t seen the 9X Oversize yet.

By the way, I skied the RPM 100 and really enjoyed it. I tried both the 174 and 181 and was surprised how differently they skied for such a small size difference. They are definitely made for speed and hold great in hard snow but they were also quite versatile performing well in both the smaller bumps I skied and in some steep chutes. Not in the same league as the B2 in the latter conditions but the B2 didn’t have the same edge bite either.