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length of g31

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Bio: 225lb 5'-11" ski all mountain, day & night. Ski piste and groomed during day and fast bomber runs at night. Like to go fast but like to play too.

Deciding to go with G31. I can get a 193cm. Is that too long? Can't find a 188 anywhere. :
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Laxman , I have the G30's in 198cm and I'm hitting the scale at 225lbs but only 5'9". Personally I don't find them that bad except in the bumps when the tails tend to grab a bit. If you like eye watering speed stick with the 193's , or better yet wait and demo them .
If your interested I actually have two pair of G30's in 198cm (long story)and one pair hasn't seen more than six days , a good offer and they are gone.
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