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Help with bindings

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So, i just bought a new pair of 4frnt Msp skis. they have a 92mm waist. i need some help with bindings. would the marker squire 110mm be okay or are they too big? if those wouldnt work what might be some other options that arent too expensive?

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110mm is probably wider than ideal.  The 90mm would probably fit fine.  Most brakes are measured conservatively, with a little to spare to avoid complaints.



The Squire will not be easy to find discounted, since it's a brand new model.  I'm seeing it at nearly $200.  Which is, IMHO, a ridiculous price for a 3-11 DIN binding.


Tyrolia/Head/Fischer makes a 93mm brake, standard on some models and optional on others.  These Mojo 11s say they come with an 88mm brake, but I think that's a misprint -- it should be 90 or 93mm.  And they should be about half what you're planning to spend on the Squire.

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