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Icelantic Ski Deal

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I belong to a sporting goods buyers club - The Clymd - which has just announced a 2 day sale on Icelantic skis.


Shaman: $349.98

Pilgrim: $329.98

Nomad: $339.98

Nomad SFP: $339.98

Da'NOLLIE: $319.98

SCOUT: $269.98

SCOUT SFT: $269.98


No cost to become a member @ www.theclymb.com I have a 3yo pair of 173 Shaman's - great powder ski.


The Clymb has routine offers on a variety of sporting equipment. This one was worth sharing


Falcon_O aka Charlie

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My girlfriend's a Clymb member and sent me a web link earlier today with that info; those do look like some pretty good prices!


In a related vein I was out for some hiking in Colorado a few weeks back, and stopped by the Icelantic office/gallery and a few ski shops, including Powder7 in Golden. I enjoy browsing powder7.com from time to time, and wanted to look at some of their used skis in person. Guy who worked there told us they were going to start offering new Icelantic skis this fall, and, sure enough, they're up now...




Prices aren't quite as good as Clymb's, but they do have some relatively good deals.

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