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Adjusting bindings on old skis to new boots

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I sprung for a new pair of Nordica Speed Machine 110 boots over the weekend. A big part of my decision was a better fit over my old boots. They are 1 mondo size larger and the sole length is 6mm longer.


So they do not fit my bindings as they are an an adjustment is needed.


Initially I thought I would take the skis and new boots to shop to have them just do it then I looked at the bindings and it appeared pretty straight forward on both of skis: a pair of Volkl Unlimited AC 20's with an integrated binding; and a pair of Mantra's with Rosingnol 120 XL's.


The Volkl Unlimiteds have Marker bindings that have a screw on the back of the rear binding that when turned just slides the back binding forward or backward on it's track. About 3/4 turn made the difference (9 clicks as it clicked when the screw was turned), and the boots fit.


The Rosingnols bindings have a small lever that when depressed moved the rear binding forward or back and thus this change was amazingly easy too.


So now I am thinking I am done. The DIN or other screws or settings were not changed so other than moving the mid point 3mm (backs bindings were moved 6mm) nothing else was affected. The Volkl Unlimiteds were initially mounted 1.5cm forward anyway so I am thinking I am about 1.2cm forward now in the case of the Mantra's which were initially mounted right at mid point I would be 3mm behind for which may help on snow days a small 'smidge' which is when I use them. I am otherwise a front side skier.


Is my thinking about right? I am thinking since no other changes were made just the moving back the back binding 6mm should not raise any safety concerns either.


Many thanks,


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You've got it pretty much figured out, all you need to do is make sure the forward pressure is set right.  With the ski on a workbench or ground, snap your boot into the binding.  Each binding has its own type of indicator, Marker will be set right when the adjustment screw is flush with its housing.  For the Rossi bindings, there should be a small indicator window on the side of the heelpiece, a black mark will line up in the center of this window when the pressure is set right. 


I hope this helps.

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Thank you.

Looked at the Rossi Axial 2 binding ( I should have been more specific), and the window and level was right in the middle/center of the scale when the boots were locked in. Mission accomplished.


The Volkls stumped me. There are only 2 screws on the back binding and one on the front. The lower one on the back adjusts the back binding back and forth on the its track. The other remaining visible screw on the back binding must adjust the DIN setting which I have not touched. The only visible screw on the front binding must adjust that DIN.


Could you be more specific as to the location of the screw I should check to see that is level with its housing after the boot is locked in?


Thanks again,


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On my Marker Comp 16 and my daughter's Marker Piston bindings, it's the bottom (closest to the ski) screw on the heel piece that must be flush.


As a check, it's the one that moves relative to the binding, making it flush when you clamp the boot down, and letting it stick out before clamping the boot down.


Remember: adjust with boot out of binding, check adjustment with boot in binding.

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That screw is the one that moves the binding back and forth on its track. If screw it back in  (I can only go in as I backed it out all the way it will go to move the back binding back to fit the larger boots), it will not fit the boot anymore.


The screw is outside the encasement almost 1/8 inch as when the boot is not seated and the screw head is inside the casement around it about 1/8"  when it is.



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Sounds like you need the Volkls remounted.  The good news is that they're system, which means they can be remounted without drilling.  It's probably something you can do yourself, but the only major binding brand manual I don't have is Marker, so I can't guide you.


Otherwise, you should be able to have a shop do a "function check" -- basically, run the bindings through their paces -- and move them at the same time.  Should be a cheap investment.

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If you can't get the heel piece to the desired spot with the forward pressure screw, then you probably need to unscrew the bindings from the plates and remount them in a different set of holes on the plate.  It was pretty easy to mount my Marker Comps, When I got my daughter's skis I decided not to void the warranty and had them mounted in a shop, but it was basically the same deal: holes in plate match up with a specified boot sole length.  I think there may have been a paper template with the ranges marked on it in the binding box too for my daughter's Marker Pistons, or maybe the range was marked on the plate; memory fades quickly when you get old.

edit: I remember the ranges were marked on my plates:


Originally Posted by Ghost View Post

After reading a post by someone who got new markers that wouldn't fit the plate on his old Nordica's, I'm wondering if anyone could tell me which markers will and which markers will not fit these plates.


Good news is if you move both toe and heel piece you probably won't end up moving the centre mark of you boot by much.

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Check your DIN charts; shorter boot sole length MAY require increased DIN settings, depending on the amount of change and the ranges in the chart.

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Thanks for all the info. I'll take another look at it this weekend. 

If it looks beyond my understanding I'll get a shop to set the forward pressure and anything related.



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