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I'm looking for a small number of people to do some early testing (ahead of the main part of the Northern Hemisphere Ski Season) of an iPhone application for skiers.


If you're an early season skier in the US, or Europe, or (perhaps) finishing your season in Australia or New Zealand and are interested in testing an iPhone app (you need to carry your phone with you whilst skiing - but it doesn't need good cell coverage so backcountry skiing is fine too) drop me a line at Note you do need an iPhone NOT an iPod touch, and the application is not available for Android either - sorry.


I really am looking for those who can ski in late October or early November before the main part of the season here in North America begins around Thanksgiving. Please be realistic, I'm not expecting people who get 45 days of skiing done before Christmas (incredibly fortunate though you are!), just a handful of trips before Thanksgiving is fine.


I hope everyone has a great winter ! Thanks !


Andrew 8-)


P.S. Moderators - if this is better located in a different forum please don't hesitate to move it - I really wasn't sure where this should go!