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Copper Improvements

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Now that Powdr has Copper I was curious if there was any news on what (if any) work they did over the summer.  I haven't heard a whole lot but remember seeing something about additional snow making (Timberline, other areas?).  I'd love to hear more if anyone has any info on what was done over the summer to get ready for this coming season.

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Got this in a homeowner letter from Gary Rodgers; I can personally attest that a helicopter was making many trips on Saturday morning from the lower east side of the mountain up the hill, not sure what it was carrying, but it was something. ;-)

Summer Construction Updates
In addition to $6 Million in capital improvements this summer, there is a lot going on in terms of construction.  The Corn Lot expansion started early this month, with the overall goal to add about 400 additional spaces.  The Union Creek parking expansion started this week and will add 90 or so additional parking spots.  Both projects are expected to be completed by mid-October.  Over the next two months, the snowmaking team will be very busy installing more snowmaking pipe, compressors and air and water lines in the Timberline pod (mostly on the American Flyer and Windsong trails), in addition to replacing some older snowmaking pipe on lower Andy’s Encore.

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Definitely excited about the snowmaking.  I'm sure it would have improved Timberline's delayed opening last year, had we had it.  Not as sure about the parking.  I'm sure it's needed but even when I was late getting to the mountain on the weekends I never had a problem.  Parked in Alpine, caught a bus in under 5 min usually, and was good to go.

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What's up with Copper?


Heard and overheard some grumbling from workers at the ski area or in neighboring businesses about the new owners and how the lifts keep breaking down, how they are being cheap with on-mountain improvements and are really all about the real estate.


Is this just end of season whining, or is there something to it? the expansion plans on the website make it sound like they are in fact paying quite a lot of attention to the mountain. But, the grousing was really noticeable.

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 You know, I don't really know. I haven't been there too much in the past couple of months. Last week they started opening lifts at 10, which is a bit annoying. They were supposed to have a meeting Saturday, but canceled due to low turnout.


Here is the latest from corporate:

2011-12 Capital  
After a capital infusion of over $6M in the summer of 2010, Powdr – Copper has recently announced a spend of over $11M for the 2011 summer season.  As announced in my previous newsletter, the most significant project will be the replacement of the High Point chairlift at the base of Union Creek. The new high speed lift will have an updated alignment to help improve skier and rider circulation in and out of Union Creek along with re-grading of the Union Creek base area and the construction of new connecting trails from the east.  In addition to numerous other projects, our slopes team will be continuing forest health initiatives with pine beetle tree removal along with our summer slopes grooming efforts.

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As a condo owner at Killington which is also owned by POWDR, I have a little insight into how they operate.  They certainly turned a lot of people off when they took over, firing 2/3 of the fult time employees and hirning many back as part timers, refusing to honor lifetime passes, shutting down some base lodges midweek, shortening the season, etc.  That said, they are making money and that is important for the long term health of the resort.  At Killington, they seem to be focused on improving the lifts, lodges, and snowmaking, not real estate.  Overall I think they are doing a decent job of runnning the resort.


FWIW, I heard a lot of similar things of lifts breakdowns, etc. from Mt Bachelor when they took over there. 

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Thank you.

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