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is it winter yet?.jpeg

Still waiting here in New England.

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super_funny_cute%20images_6aa9e649604e007130ed712dc30aee2b.jpg just found this on the internet and had to share....am sure we could copy some of these images and get them printed.... man this is just the gig i needed to get my spirits up.

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One of my favorites.  I have several Old Guys Rule t-shirts.



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From a Jr. college student who just wants to make a few bucks.  $10 he says for each one.  Feel free to support him.





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Somehow I made it through college, but maybe it was the 2 summer sessions I added. beercheer.gif

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Originally Posted by cstreu1026 View Post


I almost went to Western State for that very reason.  biggrin.gif  I would probably still be working on my bachelors if I had.


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The liquor store in Beaver Creek Co is a must do mission for anyone visiting Beaver Creek to pick up a hat or T-shirt.



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Ski Lefty: Interesting Concept

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@BJ O'Hannson ..... That is awesome.... Would love that shirt.
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I have this one:



(Not me in the shirt)


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My current favorite, purchased for my son, was obtained during my visit with Harkin Banks at his regular stomping grounds.



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O wow! I HAD one of these. (I went graduated from Western). I wore it out moons ago. Would love to have another (would have to be a little larger, lol), but I don't think they sell them anymore. What a shame. Lots of that going around in Gunny (Wally World, Mickey D's etc.). Gunny ain't Gunny anymore.

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Another big favorite which gets tons of confused looks:  "Liver is Evil. It must be punished"

Great apre ski T-shirt

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Originally Posted by Old School View Post

Ski Western State

and get a degree in your spare time

I saw something very similar, except it was University of Vermont, not Western State. 

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How's your Aspen?

I've had some magnets that look like Colorado plates made up with my sig:

No Powder. No Peace.
Know Powder. Know Peace.

@University of Utah (2 decades ago)
Where the powder's deep and the tuition's cheap.
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I saw one last weekend at the shop that said "I love them Double D's" with the double black diamond trail marker sign.


I got a kick out of it, but I don't see myself ever wearing that in daily life haha.

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I'll have to get my 1972 Hanson Exhibition shirt out.


Front is a cartoon man in trenchcoat with orange boots. Rear has him with his trenchcoat open (from behind), with "I'm an Exhibitionist". Would love to war it, but it seems to have shrunk (at lot) rolleyes.gif

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Not a t-shirt:


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

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CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 85

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"I love Head" for adults

Saw a baby onesy that said "I Love Dumps"

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The store at A-Basin sells one with a graphic of a bear with deers antlers --- and one word --- BEER. 

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Made this t shirt a couple days ago -



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Andy Campbell, the skier who inspired it:

The ski company that sponsors him, and my mug:

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A bear sent me this T-shirt from MRG. 

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I modifed an off-the-rack Target shirt with some fabric paint to make this about 10 years ago.  Clearly the skis need a tuneup...

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