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When is Flight Price/Selection Best for Ski Season

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It's still early, but I'm watching flights and prices from Buffalo to SLC for February for 4-5 days NOT during Presidents' Week (maybe Superbowl weekend).


Southwest is the best option, as they don't charge for bags, and it worked out well last year.  However, this year there doesn't seem to be as many flights.  As well, the departure/arrival times aren't ideal and the connections mostly have long layovers.  Furthermore, the price is up $50 each way over last year.  Checking out the other airlines, and the prices/times overall still aren't good, and there's the baggage charge to boot.


Could anyone with more experience (especially with flying out of BUF) comment on when the best time to book for SLC is?  Do you think they'll add more flights in another month or two?


I'd do the extra drive to DTW to catch the non-stop on Delta, but that's $400 right now.  Have any Michigan Bears ever caught that flight, and if so, how much was it?

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We did the trip last year at the same time, 2 weeks before Pres. week.  Four of us cost $1050 CAN, plus bags.  I noticed that as Nov/Dec came around the price increased somewhat.  I looked again yesterday and the price is now $1500 CAN.  I tried changing around dept/arrival dates to be mid-week etc., no better price.

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I typically see the best fares for that time go on sale right after Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It looks like Southwest reduced capacity into SLC.  Last year there were six non stops to/from SLC and MDW, this year two.


Flight credit is reusable on SW for a year.   Book your ideal flight and if it goes on sale later, rebook and bank the credit?


I think most fares will be higher this year.  Get used to it, we've been spoiled for a long time. 

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That's why flights have been on average 87% full lately.  There's less of them.  Good for airlines, bad for us that need a seat on them.  I'd think the earlier you buy the better.  I work for an airline and need to plan a 3 trips to Steamboat, Jackson Hole, and Crested Butte from California throughout the season.  I can ride for free if seats are available.  For that reason, I'm probably myself going to buy tickets out there, because I can't count on seat availability with how full the flights are lately combined with the reduction in flights.


I wouldn't expect them to add more flights between now and then.  They've probably got their winter schedules pretty figured out by now.

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I guess I'll sit back and wait.  


On the other hand, Southwest does have a good schedule of direct flights from Detroit to Denver.  I'd rather hit up Utah, but with the DTW-DEN schedule it might work out into an extra day on the slopes.


I.E. There's a flight that arrives in DEN at 8am and one that departs at 7pm back to Detroit.  That could mean a ~10:30am start at arrival day and a 2pm quit time (say at Loveland) on departure day. 

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