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Binding Adjustment for New Boot Sole Length

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I have been skiing on Salomons with a boot sole length of 305mm for the past few seasons, and have several pairs of skis mounted with bindings set for this length.  Last week, the Lange rep at my son's ski fitday convinced me to try a pair of RS 130s, and they fit like a glove.  My concern is that they are 296mm in boot sole length and that I might have to readjust many pairs of skis to accommodate them.  In your opinion, do bindings mounted for 305mm suffice for boots that measure 296mm, or do I have to adjust/remount the bindings (which would mean I would have to fit the Lange boots to specific skis)?

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I'm not an expert.  If you do this yourself, you take a big risk.  Take it to a certified tech.  Yada yada yada.


Normally, bindings have a forward pressure adjustment in the heel.  This allows the heel piece to slide fore and aft a bit.  If you're lucky, you can slide this forward and have it fit the new boots with proper forward pressure and with the boot still centered reasonably well.  Most bindings have a clever way to tell when the forward pressure is correct once the boot is clicked in and the heel piece has been pushed backward.  Normally something lines up with something else in a way that's only obvious if you know what to look for.  Sometimes there are lines, sometimes it's the top of a screw head.  You can search past posts for some of this.  Good luck.

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At a minimum you will have to adjust the forward pressure.  Remember to adjust the forward pressure with the boot out of the binding and no pressure on the spring. 


In my experience some binding with rails have different holes to attach the toe and heel pieces to the rails, each set of holes corresponding to a range of boot sole length, and other binding systems have a tab in slot arrangement that allows allows the toe to move forward or back and then get clamped down into the correct slot for that particular range of boot sole lengths.  It all depends on which binding you have.  You may be lucky and have both your 296 and 305 fall into the same range and only have to adjust forward pressure. 


What binding do you have?

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You will be able to make the ski/binding safe by adjusting the forward pressure if done correctly (not rocket science).  You will be slightly more forward if you don't move the toe piece too.


You WILL notice a difference when you ski but it will be primarily from being in boots two sizes smaller.


Edit for clarification:


The above statement was in error.  I went two sizes smaller and I thought that was a 305 (27.5) to a 296 (25.5).  I looked at my boots and saw that what I thought was a 305 was actually a 315!  I did go two sizes smaller.  You'll be about 1/2 cm forward if you don't adjust the toe piece.

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Thanks for the replies.  


Ghost: most of my bindings are Tyrolia/Head LD12s, and I have a pair of Mojo 15s on another pair.  Also have some Salomon STH16s in the mix.  Nothing on rails.  


I am hoping that if I can figure out how to do these myself, I can actually hang on to the older, softer-flex boots and switch them in from time to time.  

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Here you go


It's pretty simple.


Been a while since I adjusted Salomons, but I seem to recall a pointer moving between two scribed lines on the side, and adjusting the height of the toe wings...

Oh, wait.  Here you go


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Thanks very much Ghost!  Looks fairly easy to adjust once you get it down.  

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