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The Best Ski Shops

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I have been recently looking into getting a new set of skis but I have know idea were to purchase them. It doesn't matter where in the world the shop is located I would just like to get down some good names. If they could mail the skis then that would be even better. Thanks for the help.

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Well, I will speak for at least some of the board members who frankly get annoyed by such posts.  Before asking those kind of questions (what's the best XXX) read the board, do some searches of prior posts, and try to figure out what you really need.  Chances are the answer will be obvious at that point.  

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I have had great service at ski shops, and thought they were great, only to discover later that others had lousy service at same.  Things change.  Employees come and go.  People go through rough patches in their lives. Maybe owners change?  I don't know why service would vary, but I'm a little leery about making recommendations now.


edit: do a search for "good shop" (as I did before starting a new thread on this topic).

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