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Boot/Binding/Ski Interface Question

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Hi Guys! I’m not sure if this should be listed in the “Ask the Boot Guys” or “Ski Gear”, but here is my dilemma. I’m an instructor on the East coast and I have a number of bio-mechanical issues, i.e. bow-legged, bunions, ankle pocket on one foot slightly ahead of the preformed bootpocket. My boots are dialed in. The soles have been planed to 3.5 degrees on the right and 5.5 degrees on the left, the heel and toe lugs routed to meet Din. This makes it difficult to make any further adjustments to the boot. In the clinics that I’ve attended the clinicians have indicated that I would benefit from having lifts under my binding toe pieces. The dilemma is that with todays’ integrated bindings this becomes increasingly difficult to do. One solution suggested is to get a pair of Race Stock slalom skis with a soft flex. It was also suggested that perhaps a Race Stock GS ski, soft flex, might be a better choice. With all my bio-mechanical issues the narrower the waist the better, quicker edge to edge. I’m 5’8”, 61 and approximately 195 lbs. I normally ski at a 5.5 - 6 din setting. I'm really looking at something similar in performance to the Volkl Supersport 5 Star and Supersport S5 that I've been skiing on. Visiting Volkl’s web site, I notice that the new RaceTiger comes with the rMotion binding which is mounted on a race plate, which appears to be a flat surface. If so, would this allow for the toe lifts to be mounted between the binding and race plate? Would the RaceTiger, SL or GS, be a better solution than Race Stock, SL or GS?  As I’m exploring solutions here, I’d appreciate any thoughts from “The Boot Guys”. Sorry for the long post, but I was trying to include a lot of information. THANKS!


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hi Pinelander


specifically first, the Volkl motion bindings are all of a type that slides onto a premounted track.  the New Volkl SL & GS have a modified Race plate that accomodates the track compatable MOTION bindings for no ramp delta change.  however, Almost any laminated sidewall flat top skis will have a conventional binding screwed onto the topsheet.  from race skis to super fat. there are many Volkl models in this catagory including the obvious race stock models, and also, Kendo, Mantra, many twin tip and rocker skis as well. Remember this will also change the apparent forward lean of the boot!


good luck

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I've been working with this for years and have only met a few designs that I had to give up on.  I think if you go into a shop and spend some time looking at the systems you'll find solutions to raising the toe in all but a few situations.  That said there are tons of flat skis out there from Volkl and others that can be easily adapted.


Vist has a plate system with the toe elevated and there are probably six different plates to choose from.  In addition every manufacturer of race skis also makes shims to fit under the toe and/or heel.  I think you'll find once in a decent shop the solution will be evident.



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