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Atomic Blackeye ti 2010-11

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I would like to know your thoughts on the Atomic Blackeyes Ti. I am an early intermiediate skiier. I mainly ski groomed slopes but once and awhile I will take on powder. I was just looking at some skis and the atomics caught my eye. I would just like to know your opinion on them? Thanks. I am 5'10.

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Also would the Blackeyes be good for moguls/

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The Blackeye Ti is a better groomer ski than a mogul ski (eastern conditions). The older (08/09) Blackeye (no Ti) is a better (softer) ski for the bumps (cheaper too) - just a bit off the top end. 


For softer western snow - try the Salomon Lord - much better in the tight bumps but scary on the VERY high speed cruise  .  

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The ski does not make a mogul skier. The new Blackeye at 82 underfoot is a fun playful ski and while is not the worst ski in the bumps, it will not hinder your progress either. 

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I like the reviews on the Atomic and It seems like the ski I've kind of been looking for. How does that compare to the Nordica Pro Fulel Ca. I know the atomics more expensive but would that be better.

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I have a pair of 08/09 blackeye in a quiver of 5. My designated east coast pseudo bump ski.


Ran the 09/10 Blackeye Ti for a whole day with a pair of Atomic D2 VF82 (another story) at early season.

The new Ti cruises a bit better (slighter stiffer) than the 08/09 non-Ti version but needs a rounder line thru the bumps.  


The 09/10 Atomic Blackeye Ti is a silky ski. Good feed back without harshness.

Can be skied aggressively without breaking up. Also can idle slowly without surprises. 

Great edges on ice, good edge feel, smooth thru the bumps - good east coast ski.

There are better all around skis for west coast = wider/softer.



The Nordica is a good ski but more vague and harsh at the same time - I like to feel my skis and edges at all times, especially rolling at speed.  

Sometime, I am not sure what they are doing and sometimes, the harsh vibrations mask the edge feel, especially on ice.

Not my type of ski.     


If money is not a factor - I would buy the Atomic.

If money is a factor - I would buy the Atomic. 


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Thanks for the help. I belive I am going to buy the atomic blackeyes. I have just one more question. Would you recommend the non-ti over the ti?

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Since you got a wealth of information here, pay $35.00 to become an Epic Supporter and you will receive a $50.00 coupon at The Start Haus towards any purchase of $500.00 or more. This includes Blackeyes (with free shipping) 

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Depends on your ability level and where you plan to use it. 

If you bias towards groomer - go with the Ti, cleaner edge feel and higher speed limit.

Mogul wise - skier matter more than the ski.


That said - for a 'early intermediate' skier the 08/09 non-Ti is more than adequate. May not even feel the difference.

Take the $ difference and invest in a ski-week at Taos - will do wonder for your skiing.    

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Is there a difference between the Atomic Nomad Blackeye Ti Skis 2011 and Atomic Blackeye Skis? As far as I can tell one is red and the other is green but I really don't know the difference. Also the Atomic Nomad Blackeye Ti is about $150 dollars more than just the Atomic Blackeye Ti. Here are the Pictures.    








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