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Who's Got Their Season Pass Already?

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I do! $365 for a weekday season pass at Bridger Bowl.


How about you?

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Mammoth MVP needs to be purchased in April, so yep, I have it.

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Got my Magic pass.  Best $389 an East coaster can spend.

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bought them in July and will pick up in October. I think ours were about $350 each at beaver rmountain.

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I got mine and my wife's  to Sugarloaf beofre the cheapo deadline on April 30th. Got to give credit where due. We had the gold pass (no restrictions - $1000) last year. On Valentine's Day, and after 17 days on the hill, I crashed and was out for the remainder of the season with an injured shoulder. A buddy of mine suggested that I see if Sugarloaf would do someting for me so I called. Nice lady suggested I send back both passes and they would give us a 50% credit towards passes for this year. I did that, and bought the silver pass (blackouts for Christmas, Feb vacation and MLK weekend) for $149 for both. That is what I call righteous customer relations.


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Colorado Pass for Western Trips

Local small hill weekday pass

Free pass at Home teaching hill

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Purchased mine for $269 (renewal rate) back in April for China Peak (aka Sierra Summit). 

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Bought mine back in April (discounts!)


Got a couple for the local areas: Mt Spokane (45 min drive, door-to-lift) and Silver Mountain ($199! for the wife and I).


Probably still pick up some ski cards for Schweitzer (until Oct 31) and 'Red White and You' card (Red Mountain/Whitewater combo card).

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Bought my Snowbasin pass about a month ago so I can use it to go mountain biking this summer.  Mine cost way too much but the kids passes were a pretty good deal.


The season pass price wars have not made it to Utah.

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I bought a Killington/Pico midweek pass back in April for $399 + tax = $426. Been doing that for years except it used to be cheaper & was valid at more ski areas when ASC was the owner.


I also pick up discount tickets to other areas through my ski club & the VT. Ski Area Association so I can ski around a little & still be on the cheap.

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Got 3 already packed in my hotgear bag:  Killington/Pico unlimited pass, Loveland adult pass, A-Basin bonus pass.

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I'm in.

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Originally Posted by RustyGroomer View Post

Got my Magic pass.  Best $389 an East coaster can spend.

Got a Magic pass for me and my wife.

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Bought my 49 Degrees North passes (daughter and I) back in April.  Will pick up the 15th of October.

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2 epic passes for my new wife and me just waiting to get scanned!

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Bought passes for Sugarbush back in April

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Bought Silver New England Pass--Sunday River, Sugarloaf & Loon--in April. Ski mostly Sunday River. Good deal.

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Epic Pass purchased last week (decision between that and the Colorado Pass made when I was approved going to working 4 10 hour days and having Mondays off) and should have my Copper pass for coaching. 

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My Summit Pass (CO) showed up in my mail box yesterday!  I still have the same pic from about 10 -12 years ago.

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Paid for my Big Mountain pass in July.  $550 up $15 from last year.

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I have a Stevens Pass pass, but Mt. Baker won't go on sale until the 15th of this month.

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I think I paid $279 for China Peak/Sierra Summit a few months ago.  Haven't picked it up yet.

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Season Passes in CB are pretty expensive. Due to the harsh economic conditions, I'm not going to pull the trigger on a gold pass this year ($800). They have a cheaper ski once a week pass with the end of each week being Saturday. Will help the family save a few bucks and will get my lazy tail out into the BC more often.

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Just got back from Mount Hood Timberline. Got my Timberline Complete Pass good for 365 days this year.

Well, I think the lifts will be closed for two weeks at the end of this month for maintenance, but no real blackout days.


Got in some good rehab on my messed up knees, took it easy, had a good time, skiing was GREAT!


I did find out that I will have to take it very easy this season, and maybe forever, due to injuries.


Long drive, 2650 miles each way, but I've got some skis, boots, and stuff, stashed out there so now no

hassle plane rides for the rest of the year.

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I've purchased a Colorado Pass and a Copper Pass.  Planning on a Classic Pass at Aspen as well.  



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Wahoo!! Got my first ever season pass for $199 paid for with my 1st Soc Sec. check. Summit At Snoqualmie. Lift is 250 yds. from my boy's house and the hot tub. New lifts this year servicing the back side into the back country!!   It's payback time!!

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Originally Posted by wooley12 View Post

Wahoo!! Got my first ever season pass for $199 paid for with my 1st Soc Sec. check.

I just love that. Good for you.


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Rocky Mountain Super Pass + just showed up in the mail last week. Unlimited at Copper, Winter Park and 6 days at Steamboat. 

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 Park City season pass - minus the unnecessary junk- underground parking, night skiing and fast tracks. Fast tracks is only needed on Christmas week and the rest is useless anyway. $699 for dad and $125 for each kid. Finally, some smart marketing from Powdr. Corp..  Locals coupon book to Deer Valet + ten pack to PCMR for wife. Alta Gold card for me and Utah 6th grader ski pass book- 4 tickets each to 8 resorts=$25.  Done.

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Got mine about a week ago. Stevens Pass, WA
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