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Thank You Tom Burch!

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Comments on the recently concluded really Epic, Epic Ski Academy are somewhat scattered accross the Forum right now. I'm not yet sure where I will post my observations as a participant when they are completed. However, before any more time goes by I want to extend a special thank you to Tom Burch for the great job he did as coach for our group.

Tom was great at both explaining and demonstrating skiing concepts. Moreover, he is a really easy person to talk with.

It is clear that Tom has a real passion for skiing that he is able to express to and foster in others. Wolf Creek is very fortunate to have someone of his caliber. Tom certainly merited the rank of flight leader of our Hawaiian Air Force. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Again thanks Tom, and to all the great instructers that made Epic Ski Academy such a great success for the participants.
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Yes excellent job Tom! Now I need to quit my job, move to snow country and work on this stuff for a season(s).
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Hi Tom (and everyone else who worked to put the epic ski academy together):

Glad you are safely home. Thanks for the wonderful, great skiing experience. You are a tremendous instructor and your love of teaching is fantastic. It was a very enjoyable and instructive 4 days for me (understatement). I got so much out of the academy that I just might have to play hooky from work and work on incorporating all I learned into my skiing. Thanks again. You out did yourself!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Since LostBoy made his post I have been trying to come up with something witty to say and have struck out. The most important point to remember is the Academy and our group were not about me, but about you the participants. It was You that made the thing a success and you that drove our group! Thanks for spending the time with us, I truly enjoyed it and found it educational as well.

PS. I am hope to get the videos finished tomorrow and in the mail on Friday

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