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new to skiing

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So this is gonna be my first year skiing, im gonna be hittin up bear in cali cuz they have the best stuff my friends told me. But i have a few questions first:


1. what size outerwear should i buy? im 5'4" and want it to be really baggy

2. how tall should my Ts and hoodies be? all the pros wear big stuff, is it important?

3. where is the best place to buy tall tees? in many different colors

4. i need bindings for my boone skis, what should i get? are marker griffons any good?

5. what jacket is that on the far right? where can i buy it?photo_494dc1aabd3ac.jpg



thanks in advance for the help, hope everyone is stoked for winter! PEACE!

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Yea dude Bear has the best stuff by far! You are already on the right track! They got those jumps and the rails and some groomers so you can ride the carve down the sweet courdory. Outerwear is the most important aspect by far, if you dont look good your gonna have a bad time! I am afriad i dont know where the tall ts are you might try your local ghetto/urban location to see if there any dealers. and dont buy that jacket, its retarded

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Oh and marker gryphons are pretty cool I guess, but you should get those sweet line ski bindings! I think its the reactor plate or somethin

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Pretty sure you would be happier here:



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