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colorado winter

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anybody here any news about colorado's winter predictions

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Here's mine:

1. Wind
2. Snow
3. Warm days
4. Cold days
5. Cloudy
6. Sunny

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Colorado is a big state with lots of micro climates.  Are you looking for anywhere specific?

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Didn't you hear?  The caterpillars are fuzzy and climbing on the north side of the lodgepole pines which have an excess amount of moss growing on them near creeks that are usually dry this time of year but aren't now, so of course it's going to be a fantastic powder year.  The oceanic thermocline is shallower than average across the central and eastern equatorial Pacific, so of course it's going to be a fantastic powder year.  The exacerbated neander quantum wahoosumits are increasing in severity proportional to the craptastic melancholy ordinals, so of course it's going to be a fantastic powder year.

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vinn if your wrong I will find you and hurt you.  Kidding of course.  Thanks a bunch for the information.  I've been scowering google for the past few days and haven't found much.  I'm also preparing for my annual snow dance.  I really hope this year dumps epically and endlessly.

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Here is a temperature graph from NOAA of CO winter temperatures since 1990.  Found here.

The last 3 have been colder than average.




CO winter precipitation.



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We are at the beginning of a La Nina, which is a Pacific Ocean cyclic phenomena that affects weather world wide. 

Below is the NOAA chart of US snowfall, variation from mean, during La Nina winters, coming in 2010/2011.

Looks like the Pacific Northwest could get an extra couple of feet, with extra snow in SLC, and relatively normal in CO.

Of course, what is two extra feet on average when we are talking about 20-30 feet ave, except for SLC which averages 40ft.


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Looks like the La Nina means Pennsylvania is going to suuuuuuuck . . . bummer. Oh well, we had an epic winter last year and the memories are sweet.

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