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Le Massif, QC Canada

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I am looking at hitting Le Massif midweek in late Feb. / early March and was looking for some useful tips (ie. parking, lifts, terrain, etc, apre ski, etc.).  Since lodging there seems to be minimal, I think we are going to stay at Ste. Anne and either driver or take a shuttle if avaiable.  It has been years since I skied Ste. Anne so we'll probably hit a day there also.  Any info would be appreciated. 

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Here's a recent thread that contains related info and links: Le Massif is really extraordinary, few such places with fine skiing next to an ocean-like body of water. Parking is easy and free.  When I visited the snow was 15-20 feet high on either side of the access road, like a tunnel!  But the road to the lodge is not steep and well maintained.

I think your dates and plan to stay at MSA sound good, both MSA and LM are worthy mountains. Although if your main focus is LM over MSA, then you might consider looking for a hotel in Baie St. Paul, it's an interesting little port town about 5-10 miles down river from Le Massif. Midweek will be great for skiing, but quiet for apres ski unless you head into Old Quebec City. The Le Massif mountaintop lodge has a bar and area for dancing, but believe that is mostly a weekend thing, but check their calendar of events.

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