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Mt St Anne World Champs TR

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Hey all, longtime no posts. Thought I'd share some photons I captured on Sunday.

Got up at 4 AM for a quick trip up North. Couldn't find anyone to ride with, so it was solo. Drove up in my trusty old 911 with broken CD player so had to listen to French radio the whole way. Pulled in to MSA about 9 AM, it was windy as hell and rain scudding in and out. There was a rainbow right over the mountain. Perfect as they'd be handing them out later that day.

Took a gondi ride right off the bat figured I'd walk down slow and get to the bottom just as Gee Atherton won another World Championship.

First rider of the day is Lauren Rosser. Here she is coming out the gate to pick up her World Championship.

Got some nice shots of the junior men in the woods. But I missed Neko Mullaly while discussing Alien Bees with some prophotog guy.

I did at least catch Troy Brosnan though. This kid is awesome. We'll be seeing him again for sure.

The junior men's field was pretty packed and there was only a short lull in the action while the women prepared for battle.

The weather was getting pretty wild and changeable. So Petra Bernhard had this:

while Sabrina Jonnier had this:

Not ideal conditions for charging down the roughest, fastest, and maybe longest track of the year.
Pugin was focused on the task at hand

Ragot was visibly faster than anyone else

but in the end it was TMo that got it done fastest

When the women were done I moved down into the carousel section. Guys were boosting the jumps and the crowd was going nuts. They even had a jumbotron streaming the race so you could see what was happening elsewhere.

Go America! Kyle Strait before he got himself dirty.

Erm, go Australia too! Chris Kovarik enters the woods.

Mitch Delfs was smashing it. Right up until it turned around and smashed him.

It was so crowded in the lower sections I could hardly get a shot. I missed Sam Hill. It was strange to have him running in the middle of the pack. Grabbed a few photos of Peat and Gee.

I was shocked to hear over the loudspeaker that Hill had won. With the season he has had, I don't think too many people were expecting that. Including himself. It rained pretty hard toward the end and that may have really played into his hands. If the weather did give it to him, I guess it makes up for Val do Sol, so no one can complain.

Then it was 5 more hours of driving in the rain and listening to French radio.
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Those are some bad ass pictures!  

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