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A-Basin conditions

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This would be my first time attendng ESA, and I am really excited about it. Question though about the conditions. Any idea how the conditions typically are at A-Basin in early December? Will much of the mountain still be closed? In past years, have you had any deep snow this early in the season? This is probably where I am most eager to improve. Do a lot of the techniques carry over?




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Hi Coop, 


We have certainly had occasions of deep snow early season, but I wouldn't count on it.  Other than last season, my experience has been the conditions are good for the time of year and even though we were a bit lean on snow we had a great event.  I expect we will have plenty of terrain available, though I don't expect all of the mountain will be open.  Maybe a few others can chime in on their recollections.





Do a lot of the techniques carry over?




Looking forward to meeting you at the Basin. 



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I have been skiing A-Basin for 24 years. Typically only groomers are open then. For the last 10 years A-Basin has not been getting the snow it usually gets. I think their 30 year average has actually dropped. If any non-groomer runs are open you will need rock skis. The groomers are usually in good condition though.

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It's like early season anywhere for the steeper slopes.  But the snowmaking is as good as anywhere, and they've got good cold temps for making enough of it.

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