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Pre-operative therapy or training?

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The background:

Aug 28-injured left knee...self medication (hiccup!) wore off by the morning, and wow did that hurt!

Aug 29-got a script for Arthrotec 75, lots of pain

Aug 30-Family physician made the referral to the orthopedic surgeon

-said its unlikely the damage is minor "with that much swelling"

Aug 31-pain getting manageable, moving around on crutches

-Ortho said stability wasn't too bad; put in for MRI (usually in the 2-4 months range)

Sept 2-got call from Imaging dept at 12:20 "Can you be here by 2:00?" Awesome!

-MRI was done two days after request; co-worker (who's had both knees done) suggested I buy a lottery ticket, as I was damn lucky!

Sept 8-Ortho gives me the news I have a bucket handle tear of the medial meniscus; needs to be scoped

-he indicated I could be back on skis by the end of January


I know there'll be some rehab after getting scoped.

My question is, what can I do now, before the surgery?

I've tried light workouts the past couple days, but I think its making it worse.


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Strength training prior to surgery is a good idea, but you should do it with guidance from someone who knows what they are doing. Either a good athletic therapist or a good strength coach.  I see you're in Toronto. What part? I know a couple of great trainers in the Toronto area. The best is Jim Reeves at Mind to Muscle ( He's a strength coach but I believe his background is athletic therapy. I think he's in Scarborough maybe (I always get my Toronto 'burbs mixed up).  I think he'd be your best bet to get strong pre-surgery, and I'm going to guess that he'll know who the best physios/ATs are around too. 


When you have a confirmed injury, training is a great idea, but training advice via the internet is not. Go see the pros.



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Good advice.


Looks like I won't have much time to train after all.

Got a call and they're putting me under the knife Sept 22.

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