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I have to say, Switzerland doesn't compete with the states. Bumps in the states were so smooth, creamy, shapely, womanly....oops. Anyway, I remember the bumps from park city to heavenly gun barrell and nowhere in switzerland have i found a comparison. I'm sick of sking across bumps which are mainly traverse tracks. So many people want to say they skied a particular slope, and just traverse from side to side, all the way down.


For me my highlight was one particular run in a place I think was called Snowbird, there was a ? strawberry run or ski lift, if that's snowbird then that's the place, or was it Alta, hell, anyway, back on track. So, I was skiing great lines, not a whole lot of planning, then halfway through the season, one day I just started to stop thinking about them and just went with the flow. I'd ski over, around, under,  then suddenly, what just happened, I'd shot over a mogul, got some air and landed somwhere and just continued. It truly became effortless.


I haven't reproduced that since, it was just after getting my licence and spending a whole season of serious coaching. The coaching didn't include bump skiing, just making our on piste technique perfect.


Anyway, it's great to remember the glory days, thought I'd share it with you.