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On the hunt for new ski pants...

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So I've been on the hunt for a new pair of ski pants, but have had trouble settling on a pair.  I'm looking for some pants that are versatile/breathable enough to use in bounds and out, along with some light mountaineering.  I spend most of my time skiing in the Sierras, but often venture out to CO,UT and WY, so extra warmth will be needed from time to time.  I'm not married to a brand, but I'd like to keep the pants budget below 200 bucks (anymore than that and I'll be tempted to snag a new pair of skis instead : )  Anyways, I know it's a boring topic, but any ideas are appreciated!

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Well, I am a fan of bibs rather than pants. Hard to beat the Marmot Randonee bib. Pretty light weight, full side zips that run the length of the pant from both ends. Reasonably durable and a bit of padding in the knee. One word of caution, they do run LONG. I seem to recall getting mine for under $200 if you hunt around for a deal.

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Spyder Tarantula, only come in black, lightly insulated or shell, short reg long inseam. 200 days on mine, still in good shape. They are good for warm spring 60 degree day, with a base layer they're good for below zero.

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If you are willing to consider used in good condition, PM me.   

Otherwise, it will be very hard to find a top-notch pant under $200 new these days, and from your description it sounds like you will appreciate a top-notch 3-layer shell pant.  My personal favorites are Arcteryx (Sidewinder and Theta, definitely above $200), Patagonia (for BC you need Primo, again above $200),  I also second the vote for Marmot Randonee (those were originally designed by Doug Coombs and it shows).   Cloudveil Koven and Koven Plus are great too if you can find them.  

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Maybe not what you're looking for, but fyi, STP has decent ski pants for $58 at the moment. Just bought some to replace a 10-year-old pair of Markers. I think they're Columbia

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Thanks, I really appreciate the ideas.  It looks as though I might have to bump the budget up a bit in order to get into a quality pair of pants, but we'll see. 


@Alexzn: Right now I'm leaning towards "new", but if I start looking at "used" I'll definitely reach out.  Thanks again for the input!

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I find it difficult to purchase pants on line, since fit is so important.  Try on as many pair as you can at the fall sales and look for some with 3 layer Gortex XCR or its equivalent.


I hate soggy ass. 

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You might consider Becoming a Supporter to get access to great deals on ski pants and other stuff skiers want and need.

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Last year I bought a set of Westcomb pants that have a removable bib. Its a nice feature to have to be able to remove the bib on warmer days. Their E-vent membrane is supposed to be more breathable than goretex.  




They were awesome.



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For all of you who live in the rainy Pacific Northwest, did you all know that there's an Arctyrx outlet in North Vancouver? You sort of have to take pot luck, but the times I've been there (easy day trip from Seattle or Tacoma), they've had an abundance of bigs and regular ski pants.

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