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Icelantic Keeper... telemark setup?

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Have you skied the Icelantic Keeper mounted tele?

what type of binding were you riding & were they mounted forward? would you recommend that setup? or does this ski make you drop your heels?

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the keepers are brand new for this season. at 150-119-136, cambered  with 30/10 25/10 tip tail rocker......  I know nothing about tele setups but hope this helps. I have pictures of it in detail if you would like to see it.


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thanks finn dog,

i am hoping that some tele pairs made it down to the southern hemi this summer... i am way into the efficientcy of the tele setup and i have a feeling that the keeper will be even better tele than the nomad. just lookong for some beta from the early adopters... where are my tele freaks at?


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Efficiency of the Tele set-up?  Not sure I understand what you mean?

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Originally Posted by ncsf View Post

... where are my tele freaks at?



At telemarktips.com. Heh. Actually, if you haven't tried there you should. Probably been done already so it is good wealth of info. Best of luck!

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more function from less gear, basically.  lightweight bindings & comfortable boots that still charge it.


i am not the kind of guy who has 10 pairs of mono-tasking ski & binding pairings and have been pretty happy with the uphill/downhill inbounds/outbounds results of the tele set up. 


i think that even if money was no object, i would still go for ski set ups that i would use 50 to 80% of the time.  I hate tools that are so purpose-focused that you never use them.


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I'll go for that.  A good tele skier can ski anything an alpine skier can.  If you are going to own one set of gear tele will offer the broadest utility.  I would disagree that the tele turn it'self is more efficient.  The tele turn offers some advantages in some conditions, but requires much more energy to perform.  Of course it's fun, especially in the bumps.  As for weight...  Many of the Rando set-ups weigh less than a comparable tele set-up.  My alpine boots are probably a bit more comfortable than my tele boots.  Tele also has a disadvantage in the backcountry by not being a releasable binding.  A safety concern if caught in an avalanche.  Bruce Tremper and Doug Abromiet really pushed that on me a few years ago and I have had to acknowledge it and now do less tele in the backcountry.  One backcountry advantage of the tele set-up is the more natural stride and the ability to go from skiing down to skiing across without changing a binding setting.  Even in tour mode an AT binding isn't moving as naturally and easily.  I can crush AT skiers on traverses and moderate grades that don't require skins.  There's not much advantage on a steeper skin track though.  

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