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I do have an idea for the ski equipment I've got, I mean I've got real nice jackets and ski pants, many of which don't fit. I used to work for a ski company "Viamonde" which did a charity week. We had usually 40-50 kids from all over the world who all had organ transplants. I was the nurse as well as ski instructor. Anyway, heaps of volunteers would come, doctors, clowns, magicians, you name it, if you could help entertain kids on and off snow, you were a part of it. We provided everything from clothes to skis to ski pass to  food and lodging.

What I want to do is something similar but on a smaller scale. Probably kids that wouldn't normally be able to ski. As wealthy as Switzerland is, there are some real poor people here. I'd like to get maybe a dozen people at first disadvantaged children and provide them with a weekend skiing. It's only a weekend, but it's a start.

Anyway, so don't worry, the equipment will go to good use.


PS, That's how I met my wife, she was the doctor escorting three Polish kids all with organ transplants. I was their ski instructor and the doctor was a beginner as well and we just hit it off.