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Need help with all-mountain ski

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Hi, I am 5 10, 172lbs, moved up recently from groomed blacks which can be icy in the NE, need to buy my first set of all mountain skis which will progress my skills and allow me to become stable at high speeds, really confused on which one to buy in <500$ range. Looked up a few like K2xplorer or interceptor or Volkl AC50 etc. But don't know which one to end up with, help!

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Demo some if you can. But generally any good all mountain ski will do, seriously. I always ski topline all mountain skis, and no matter what brand, if it's good quality all mountain, it'll do the trick. You won't go wrong with K2.

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OK you've moved up from groomed blacks. What are you moving up to? Put another way, what conditions do you expect to ski now? Ungroomed blacks? Moguls? Powder? Or......do you just expect to ski the same conditions as before but just ski faster than on your rentals?


If you are accustomed to rental skis, about any ski will be better. If you want some specifics on the models you mentioned here are some quick thumbnails for each.


Volkl AC 50: Good on groomed icy blacks, sucky in bumps or powder, stable at high speeds, .

K2 Explorer: Good in bumps and powder, sucky on groomed icy blacks, moderately high speeds.

K2 Interceptor: Lower level version of Explorer for less aggressive skier, moderate speeds.


Of course there are others.............



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Thanks a lot for your replies. Moving on up for me initially meant coming down a black in one piece, i love speed and rather have a ski which turns easily on faster slopes, have had issues with jamming the back end of the skis on my turn but i guess i will learn, love powder but don't get it that much up here in the north east. Hence, want a ski which could be a good all rounder to start with. I know I am a fast learner so would expect to graduate faster. Something which gives me control and speed but if it comes to comprimise would rather go little slower for the control. Would be ok to buy to a ski above my level with a thought that I would grow into. What other skis are out there?

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Guessing a little bit here, but I have sort of a picture of your skiing style that involves someone that's long on agressiveness but perhaps a little short on finesse. Jamming your heels suggests that you may be muscling the skis more than just letting them work. If this is all the case, then that would suggest leaving the AC-50 alone. It is too stiff for a skier without well developed technique. Although I'm not a huge K2 fan the Explorer could be a fit for you. It is challenged by hard snow for sure but would be easy enough to turn that you could relax and learn to let the ski work. I'd pass on the Interceptor.


Other skis that could be great calls for you are the Dynastar Sultan 85 and the Nordica Jet Fuel CA. Both of these are firmer in flex than the Explorer but quite a bit easier going than the AC-50. If a 170 seems like a comfortable length to you, here is a link to a deal on the Nordica for you to consider.





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Bought the skis from starthaus the nordica jet fuel, great deal, now will wait for it to snow, thanks for the advice

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