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Beaver Creek Instruction

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Who are some good instructors for a "Never Ever" also What would be the best bet for me. I will be staying at the hyatt for 3 nights. Looking for 3 days of lift, 3 days of rental and a coah.


What would be the least expensive option for quality training.

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The best way, and least expensive will be the 3 for 2 beginner program. 3 all day group lessons, and lift tickets for the price of 2. It is available everyday. When you get into selecting a specific instr, you are in the realm of pvt lessons, and now you are talking major $$$!

Get on the Beaver Creek website and it'll have much more info. If after that, you still have some questions, drop me a pvt message here on Epic.

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Having taught in the Vail/BC system, I can tell you that they don't hire slouches.  And, they do what many other areas don't do, and that is use some of their best instructors for teaching never-evers.  So, don't sweat it.  Do the three for two and have a blast.



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To go with the private instruction for never-evers is not necessarily the best way to learn.  Think that most folks get a lot from the inter action with other newbies and actually learn more starting out.  Being in group programs will save you a TON of money too. The BC ski school understands way more about teaching you to ski than you know about learning, trust them.


You would be missing a very real part of the skiing experience to not be around others at the beginning of this journey.

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BC is expensive, but I heard great things on their instructors.  I may take some carving snowboard lessons there this year.  (Almost like skiing)..

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