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Stratton Mtn???

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Please feel free to give me any advice/tips on skiing Stratton this coming winter.  I bought the Sunday Season Passes for me, the wife and 2 kids (6 and 8 yrs old). 

A weekend pass is really what works ($$) best for us.  The Sunday pass will leave Saturdays free so we can also get in a trip to Magic, Bromley and hopefully Sugarbush, Stowe, Smuggs etc.  We did pretty good last year and we got out at least one day every weekend.  Mostly with our full season passes at Willard Mtn as it was the first year my kids skied.  But the kids pretty much outgrew Willard in the one season.

We are driving up tomorrow to get our pictures taken and etc, lunch, a little shopping, sightseeing. 

(I have visions of being the only guy in the parking lot without a bmw or audi suv.) 

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That deal seems pretty sweet.  I think you're a genius to get kids hooked, then Dad's golden. Maybe 10/11 version of this will help with your plan


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Stratton is a 2 stage mountain - upper & lower lifts.

The lower lifts are more mellow.

Stratton is known for their grooming and crowds. 

Good green & blue terrains for cruising & young kids.

A large protected beginner area on the lower mountain serviced by both a quad (South American) & a triple (Tamarack).  


If the kids are decent - they can ski most of the intermediate trails on the mountain. 

Keep in mind - trail rating is relative (bell curve).


The crowd is a bit thinner on Sunday. 

When crowded - Do not return to the front base areas (no gondola round trips), once up - stay up. 

When crowded - ski the Sun bowl side (except around 11 am) - all cars overflows from parking lot #2 to the Sunbowl lot. Log jam.

When really crowded - ski the Shooting Star lift - guarantee to be empty.


Magic and Bromley are a must when in SVT - skiing the way it used to be.

Just don't wear the Stratton outfits.

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