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Freeride World Tour changes - Better or Worse?

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In this blog by Lorraine Huber (currently ranked #7 in the World Ranking (FWT), and #4 in the Qualifier rankings (FWQ).)

She describes the changes coming to the Freeride World Tour (FWT) with a balanced outlook on the positive and negative implications for women on the FWT.


Since it seems that a split of the event schedule to Women's and Men's is inevitable, how will this impact both genders?


IMHO the biggest down side is splitting media coverage with hurt the women's events.

This will also impact the(already minimal) sponsor dollars available to the events/skiers that get less media coverage.





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Perhaps.  However, holding men's and women's events together often take away from the deserved respect for the women.  Especially in new sports. When women's sports get to the point where they separate from the men's events, that this may be a sign of maturity on the women's side....that the women are coming into their own and not considered just a side show.  


This is a big generalization, and even when the women's groups separate, it doesn't mean that there isn't a struggle ahead for parity.  And there are many very mature exceptions:  tennis for example.


I like the ski racing model.  In the earlier stages of development, the men and women ski together.  On the World Cup, men's and women's tours are separate and both at very high level, AND there are a couple of events where they come together.


It all goes down to what will give the women the respect they deserve.


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I agree weems and so does Lorraine.

From her blog, linked above....



On the positive side, the level of women’s competition will increase due to the larger numbers of female competitors allowed to start at any one event. In the final at Verbier 2010, 23 male skiers competed compared to 7 female skiers. A larger female starting field will progress the sport. Furthermore, there will still be an undisputed female Freeride World Tour Champion at the end of the season, which apparently, is the whole point.
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Hi Trekchic and weems, Lorraine here. It's good to hear your opinions. A journalist commented on my blog post with the following:


"If this is a step to increase competition in the women’s arena and create a nice, evolutive and homogeneous women ranking for the season after, then it seems like a good move. If not, then thumb down. Although I am pretty sure it’s a move forward. The FWT people care about the sport and about their athletes, women or men. One thing for sure: we are going to miss you all!"


I agree. The FWT organisation does care, but in the end it all boils down to business. For the women, a change must come, even if it is for the worse. It will make us wake up, rally together, decide what needs to be done. As a rider, I think it would be amazing to compete on a separate women's tour and can imagine it being very attractive to sponsors, media and athletes alike. It's just all about creating the right product and having the resources to do so.

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Great!  I hope it's very successful.  I'm a big advocate of women's sports.

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Interesting topic, all valid points.


I suggest a look into the most successful of women sports and tours. Women's tennis. They have there own association! The WTA.

They both have there own sanctioned women's events and also share the stage when the major events happen. I think this is important to model in women's skiing, just like Weems pointed out in the Women's world cup.


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