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This could be completely in my head, but I want to make sure:


I got a pretty good deal on some 2010 Mantras this Summer.  After they arrived I inspected them and didn't notice anything wrong with them.  I'm getting ready to have their bindings mounted, and this morning I first noticed that there are a few miniscule bumps running along the outside edge of the left ski.  At first I thought it might be the beginning of some bubbling in the base (which seems unlikely in new skis), but if anyone's taken a close look at the bases of these skis, you notice that the edges are anchored by a series of Volkl logos running along the ski.  These bumps happen to be in between these logo anchors (I'd take a picture but I don't have a camera...).  These skis have never been used, and are stored in a cool dry space.


Has anybody else noticed anything like this with Volkl skis?  The bumps are about the diameter of half a dime, but are barely raised at all (maybe like 1/4 mm).  In some sense I'm worried because if a bubble forms along the edge I could be in for some damage, but if minor imperfections in the edge anchor are acceptible then I can deal with it.  As of now the base and edge are flush, but if these bumps expand that could change...