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Las Leñas Rocks!

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In case you didn't know, Las Leñas is an amazing place. The mountains dive straight into the sky and there is all the terrain a skier could ever ask for. Even with its meager snow conditions this season, the week I spent there was great.


-skied with some locals. They absolutely rip.

-competed in the 2nd stop of the Freeskiing World Tour. placed 21st, not what my goal was.

-Got some Snow! Skied down the amazing Entre Rios peak behind the Las Leñas resort. It was big, steep, and soft.



for more info check out my blog at:





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Look forward to hearing & seeing more!


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Packy, Welcome to EpicSki! 

Thanks for sharing....


I look forward to seeing more!

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So Packy, when does your Big Mountain season begin?


Will your schedule be effected by the changes coming in the FWT?

I'm guessing you have some good stuff to offer in this section.

Racing and Big Mountain Competitions

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Of course.  I forget that ski bums never stop skiing, just change hemispheres.....


I was talking about this topic tho, about splitting the genders on the schedule.

Freeride World Tour changes - Better or Worse?



spindrift, sup with the deleted video?

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Video highlight from the comp last week...



As a Praxis & Tabke fan, it is nice to see Tabke on the podium & pulling another Sickbird

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