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So - I'm in need of a "Pin Polishing" clinic. Meaning I'm not trying to climb the ladder any higher, I just need credits to keep my cert current. Out West I usually found lots of Backcountry, "Extreme", or even just "Cruising" clinics to get fun credits with. Out here (east) there seems to be a shortage of such.

So when I found out that AASI clinics will also count as credits towards PSIA - I decided to enroll in an AASI Stage One Clinic/Exam.

Went Snowboarding yesterday, first time in two years. I generally have avoided it out east because I really think that they are a kick in the powder - but on firm snow . . . I like two edges! Since its been spring-like conditions lately though - the slush made for fun riding. I'm pretty beat up however, since even slow speed falls on a board tend to be brutal.

I guess I'll try to swap my skis for a board at least once a week for the next month - so that I don't make a total fool of myself at the clinic/exam!