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Yeah, but shorter, only the tips would stick out from under the boot.

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Seems to me that the skis from those, but with a normal ski binding, could be a cool "evolution" of the "Sled Dogs". Considering how short they are, it wouldn't even need to be a real binding and could just be some little thing that latches to a boot, and therefore would be really low profile.

So... kinda like Snowblades (TM).
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I just realized this was a serious post.


I recommend posting this over on the TGR forums if you would like some real expert insight.  I'm sure they have several Sled Dogs experts over there.

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I currently use some old ebay ski's that I shortened, moved the bindings right up the ski length.  But wanted something lighter, sled dogs would give me that, though I do not know their weight ;-).  Using them would mean that I did not have to keep taking the footski's off.

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They are a blast  I would not do the jumping stuff. keep your hand up  sit back with toes up. When I use them you are able to snow skate any where,because of the metal edged. I'm from Minnesota where they first were use in the 90's still have them and use them also a grope of use are going out next weekend to AFTON  to snow skate

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I worked at Afton in the 90s when we had sled dogs available in the rental shop. Every other week someone would call for information about our dog sleds.

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I picked these up at a thrift shop a while back...



They seem to be in good shape. My girlfriend wears a women's 8 1/2 street shoe and Euro

39 cross country boot. These are a little too small for her.


I'll sell for $10 plus cost of shipping. If anyone's interested PM me.

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Very interesting.  I missed this video the first time around a couple of years ago.  

I looked for landings after all those big airs, but they are mostly missing in the video.... 

I wonder why they don't show them? (hmmmmmmmm....)


And as SkiMangoJazz points out, there are very few turns; these guys are mostly straightlining,

and for stability at speed they are getting their bodies low in tucks, nice and close to the ground.      

Iffy at best, but I bet skiing on these gets the adrenalin count up.

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Never tried them myself, but I've seen others on them, on some rather difficult terrain....they were having a blast.  Think of it as more like ice skating rather than skiing, and you should have a much easier time on them, and not much of a balance issue.

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Family used to own small ski hill.  I remember demoing these and all sorts of other gadgets that people would bring by when I was a little kid in early 90s.  These things, on icy hard pack, where an absolute BLAST.  You had to lean back, kinda hotdoggin' style, and be pretty good just to use them but they were a ton of fun.  In any soft snow however.........Faceplant.  I also remember some mini skis, think they called them "ski skates" or  "trick skis" or something like that.  Just like a 30 - 40 cm ski with tip/tail rocker, way way before modern skis became shaped and started featuring tail rocker, think around Glen Plake in his K2 and 'Blizzard of Aahhhs" heydays....Now those, those were something that were pretty incredible.  Limitless possibilities, you could twirl the most rapid 360s down literally any face or slope like a figure skater in a tight spiral.  Kind of surprised they didn't take off actually......

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