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Any comments K-2 Mod X?

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QAnyone get a chance to demo them?

Looking for all purpose int. ski for western conditions, mostly on groomers.

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I loved mine, only thing I didn't like was the cracking that occurred, but K2 was great about getting me a new pr. Excellent all mtn ski for us light weights, but if you are a bit heavier then I would go for the ModX pro's they are a bit stiffer and will be more stable at speed. This yrs are going to be the AxisX and Pro, same skis as the mods but different colors and w/o that pizeo BS.
is there any info that your looking for on this ski?
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The MXP is a great ski, maybe the best Mid Fat last year but keep in mind thatone needs to be a heavier more aggressive skier to tap the best in them. If you're below 180 lbs look at the Mod X. If your above 180lbs and hard driving the MXP is for you. 181 for crankin / 188 for crusin' they do it all!

Spyder is right on with differences between 2001 and 2001 models. There are still some 2001 MX and MXPs out there for a significant savings over this years 2002. Ski identical just no piezo and dif graphics!
Good luck.
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Being heavier I perhaps should have opted for the pros, but I am very happy with my Mods.
I might differ- the ACX unit wich is hte peizo but more than that was not BS. it did its job and did it very well. K2 has omitted them because they found they are redundant with the mod material being used now. Without the ACX unit I imagine the ski is cheaper to build too.

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My understanding of the Axis-Pro was that it retained the Mod X-Pro electronic dampner technology but eliminated the LED (or whatever) blinking light part. I didn't ski the Mod X-Pro, but I sure loved the Axis-Pro when I spent most of three days on 'em last spring. I'm hoping to make that my ride for '01-'02.
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If you're looking for an intermediate ski for western conditions, I would favor the Mod/Axis X over the Pro. The Mod X is great in virtually all conditions, and turns very easily. As others have mentioned, its weakness is at higher speeds. So, I would get the Pro if you are a heavier skier AND you plan to ski at high speeds most of the time.<FONT size="1">

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The Mod X is way enough ski for just about anyone. I think most people that bought the pro, bought with thier ego. I have skiied mine in all sorts of conditions, and never felt the need for more ski. I still like the K2 Enemy better for just about everything, but the Mod X is a rad ski. I probably put about 25 days on a pair last year. It was especially good on refrozen spring snow, and fast rutline bumpin. I ski about 170 days a year, and train instructors at a big Western hill. Of course, a PSIA Demo team guy at my hill thinks the Pro is a much better ski. What do they know?
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The Mod X is not an intermediate ski. I've had customers rave about the K2 Enemy, and they like it over Salomon's 1080. Drive what you like and have fun.

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grumble grumble.....intermediate ski... kinda like the conversation where the Xscream series was an intermediate ski eh?

Peoples these skis are designed as preformance skis, the softer tails and over all skis in some instances do not make them a lower caliber ski. With the advances in the technologies you can build a ski that is "soft yet satisfying". Granted if you put a 200lb guy on a pr of MX's and he wants to high speed GS turns he probbably won't like it as much as a stiffer ski. But for us lighter guys these skis rock, stiffer skis would make it more difficult to flex and carve the ski at slower speeds.
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So... when, if ever, I loss weight my skis should get better and better for me! bwahahaha. That's not a slam on your comment, Spyder, it's poking fun at myself.
I swear one of these days a snocat driver is going to say to me, "Hey Bob! I can't get over to that area over there. Would you mind going over there and snow plow or side slip it smooth for us?" (Spyder- Yes, I am studying my PSIA books. Just letting you know I'm donig my homework. )

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(Sigh) I guess my previous post could be misinterpreted by the hyper-senstive, so I'll clarify. I am not calling the Mod X an intermediate ski. In fact, the Mod X was all I skied last year, and I had a great time on 'em. Murray stated that he is looking for an all purpose intermediate ski, and then asked for our thoughts comparing the Mod X vs. the Pro. In my opinion, the Mod X is better suited to an intermediate skier than the Pro. That does not necessarily mean that the Mod X is an intermediate ski.
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Work is a bit boring today, so I will chime in.

I skied the MX Pro last season and now I have the Axis X Pro (warranty replacement). The Mod X is a great ski, and definitely more user friendly than the Pro. I prefer the Pro. I think that it does better in crud and at higher speeds. I would add that the Axis (Mod 7/8) might be a good choice for Murray as well.

For those who care, the Ski Mag 2002 BG gave the Axis X the best overall score for the "Freerider" category. The MXP got the same distinction from that mag in the "All Mtn-Expert" category last year. Both are "Gold Medal Winners" again (surprise). One thing to note - In the Freerider category the Axis X is criticized for its performance on ice, however, in the All-mtn. Cruiser category, it is praised for being "powerful and stable; able to handle all snow types, from bulletproof to fresh."

Bottom line, all opinions are going to vary and should be taken with a grain of salt. Go try them yourself. I dig the Axis X Pro. You might like something better.
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